Tax Assist Accountants - has anyone used them? Tax Assist Accountants - has anyone used them?
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    Default Tax Assist Accountants - has anyone used them?


    I'm on the look out for a good Accountant near E13 and wondering if anyone had used Tax Assist?

    Specifically need someone to help with the usual things: book-keeping, accounts, tax/tax advice, self assessment, the odd letter for mortgage or child maintenance

    Also, for a good accountant what are typical annual fees?

    Any recommendations of a good account in London or South East welcomed.


    <admin note>Link removed - people can Google them if they want to see the site.</admin note>
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    Tax Assist are a franchise operation and I don't know how well they individual franchisees are controlled. My guess is each office will be left to their own devices and therefore service could vary greatly. Take referrals by all means, but I'd look to get referrals for the office you are looking at not Tax Assist in general. HTH

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