Company Formation - What should I look for in a provider? Company Formation - What should I look for in a provider?
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    Default Company Formation - What should I look for in a provider?

    What should I look for in company formation provider?

    What has others been missing with whom they have been using?

    Any recommendations according to the criteria below?

    I think I should have everything that is natural to buy from the provided with good technical solutions and at a fair price. “One Stop” for additional services like accounting is beneficial

    For me this includes all kind of nominee services and registered office.
    What should I look for regarding mail-handling?

    Are there any yearly filings that needs to happen through the provider?

    I think I will need a bank account through the provider.
    Are these quite standard?
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    Nice pair of legs IMO.... Always make the process much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JavaBrussels View Post
    What should I look for in company formation provider?
    Someone who will form a company for you would be a good start.

    I used formationshouse a few years back - they did the job fine.

    You can either do the rest yourself or get your accountant to do it.

    Also, one that will accept magic beans for payment.

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    and a grip on reality...

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    Smile Should be easy

    If you're probably going to purchase accounting services as well then find an accountant who'll do the formation for next to nothing. Most should be able to get the formation through in 24 hours and refer you to a bank for a business account. The more exciting part is thinking of a company name!


    Tip, if you're going to set up a website for your business then search the available domain names of your selected company too.

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    Have you considered a vintage, or off the shelf company?

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