Hotel changes their agreed price because of their mistake then backdated it... Hotel changes their agreed price because of their mistake then backdated it... - Page 3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody80968 View Post
    Interesting outcome...

    They haven't said that as long as I can be out on Friday they will refund me the 4 days next week and stick to the original rate for the previous stays... Not ideal as now I have to find another hotel but frankly that's a blessing and instead of a 300€ bill I'm getting 250€ back to put towards another hotel.

    So I guess you could say its a hollow victory, as I need to find somewhere and it's going to cost me more where ever I end up and yes it kinda means they have admitted fault which means I could so easily start legal proceedings to claim additional fees incurred during my stay here, but like it was said earlier, it's not worth the hassle.

    Thank you all for your advice and direction on this matter.



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    It seems to me that they did think you were staying the weekend, i.e. they didn´t clean the room. I presume that some of this would have been language. Yes I know they should speak English but there are often misunderstandings if you do things in a foreign country in English, particularly in budget hotels. If I were to book something in a German Pension in English I could imagine all the dates would be mixed up.

    Anyway glad that it got sorted out, they did refund you so that seems fair.

    I would definitely make an extra effort to make sure the hotel staff have understood, they often smile and nod and you think they´ve understood, but they haven´t really.
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