Back in 2007, Freeagent recruited beta testers here for their now very successful accounting software.

6 years later, I'm here having bit an app that integrates with Freeagent (as well as Xero and SageOne) and I'm also looking for some willing users to help me beta-test a system to tackle the problem of late-payment.

I've built a website where users can anonymously share data, direct from their accounting software, about how late or early their business customers pay them versus agreed terms. We then collate this data about individual companies to provide "payment behaviour" reports, which you can look at before taking on a new customer. Users that submit and share data, can get data out of the system for free.

My hope is that by bringing some transparency to payment behaviour, we can put some healthy peer pressure on our customers to pay us on time. Basically if we all share this data and work together - we should all benefit!

I've built this for freelancers and contractors, so it would be great if I could get a few people on board to test that the integration with Freeagent/Xero/SageOne works ok, and get your feedback on the website and the concept in general. (note the app only reads data - it doesn't input any data to your accounting software).

If you're interested, please go over to Satago, click on "Tell us About Late Payers" for the sign-up page and I'll send you an invite link to get access.

I don't have many incentives to give-away at the moment, but I'm hoping people will be motivated by the desire to do something about this late-payment problem. Nevertheless, I'll make sure any beta-testers get lots of free data once we get going!


Steven Renwick
Founder of Satago