Payroll & maternity pay Payroll & maternity pay
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    A nice dodgy question for an opening post!!!

    I've been planning to do a payrise starting the new tax year probably since the start of the last tax year, I'm now pregnant so whatever I'm paid will affect my SMP.
    Sods law timing-wise, the last month of this tax year just becomes eligible for calculating the SMP -there's days in it. This means I'll get less.

    I've already used up anything available in my basic rate allowance over & above my planned annual salary with dividends etc so if I gave myself a bit extra for the last month it would put me in higher rate. How badly frowned upon would it be to pay myself a little less in January & February so I can match the new salary amount in March?

    I'm not dodgy & looking for every loophole honestly, I just like puzzles & mathematical challenges & thinking about these things. If something's worth it & I can be bothered I might do it, otherwise I just like to know so I know!!!

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    What does your accountant suggest?
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