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    Never got as far as year end as had had enough . Joined after being recommended by the agent for my first contract (I know I was young and naive back then, he obviously got a kickback). They were expensive at £140 + vat. My lists of complaints: Never spoke to the same person twice, CK took days of chasing to get any responses back to my questions (they all seemed to be accounts clerks and admin people) , got basic remittances wrong (i.e. forgetting to account for expenses, even though I had to scan and email over receipts). No record of dividend vouchers (even though they were supposed to be sorting it). In the end I got fed up and left (and yes paid the £200 odd quid to do so). Am now with Forbes Young, fill in a nice easy spreadsheet, get prompt replies and pro-active tax advice from an actual account and my LTD is saving £65 a month into the bargain!
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    Haha, yes

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