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  1. Am i costing myself money
  2. Newbie question Umbrella versus Ltd
  3. leavers procedures and notice period
  4. Umbrella companies
  5. New to Contracting, advice on mileage and travel
  6. Accommodation advice
  7. Issue with seemingly low pay from an Umbrella company
  8. Umbrella company problem with expenses (+£25K owed)
  9. Can my LTD company be a Umbrella?
  10. New to Contracting
  11. Really dont understand payslip
  12. National Insurance Jiggery Pokery
  13. Contract job and Tier 2 visa via umbrella company
  14. Launch claim daily help
  15. Changes in employment intermediaries rules
  16. Umbrella Companies - legal signatory requirement?
  17. AWR Uplift
  18. GAP Pay
  19. Comparison of umbrella calculators
  20. Questions about umbrella company
  21. you change umbrella, you lose the client?
  22. Discreet contract via Umbrella - expenses
  23. beansaver?
  24. Parasol Enormous deductions
  25. Autumn Statement 2014
  26. please recommend a fix rate umbrella company for short term contract
  27. umbrella p11d dispensation and my self assessment
  28. General Advice
  29. Umbrella refuses to take into account my claim and refers me to P87 - anyone can help
  30. Commercial activity
  31. Umbrella - day rate & VAT mistake - please advise
  32. Up to 90%
  33. Paysure
  34. Payroll Company for Luxembourg
  35. How long it takes to get a P45?
  36. Umbrella Company reviews
  37. Unhappy Umbrella Experience...
  38. Help to understand just about everything wages /tax/expenses /NI umberela company
  39. Pls help with your suggestion! Urgent
  40. Umbrella Company Error could someone please advise
  41. P45 and tax, umbrella company then taking up full employment in the same year
  42. Profit Share element of payslip
  43. Good Umbrella Company
  44. Umbrella Company "Agreed Deduction"
  45. Umbrellas and VAT
  46. Brolly question - Have I been done?
  47. Experience with ContractorAngels.co.uk?
  48. Fake questions
  49. Approved List
  50. New to Umberlla and some questions.
  51. Being underpaid by Umbrella Company
  52. Umbrella deadline for payment
  53. Umbrella vs. Limited
  54. Umbrella company for UK contractor with USA client
  55. DOTAS and Umbrella companies stating schemes not DOTAS
  56. Clarifications about tax relief, expenses Umbrella company facts.
  57. 6 month contract in Italy, looking for a good umbrella
  58. Discretionary profit sharing bonus
  59. Tax Reducing Expenses
  60. Tax & Advanced pay between assignments
  61. Kingston Brown
  62. AWR/Umbrella/End Client/T&C's.
  63. Contract with agency while going through umbrella
  64. Am I being underpaid or just newbie ignorance.
  65. Moved from UK to Portugal. Need umbrella for 4 months.
  66. 360 group ?
  67. Pay Breakdown - Umbrella Company - £130pd - your thoughts on my takehome pay?
  68. Giant won't accept receipted claims for evening meals with overnight stay - why?
  69. Umbrella refusing to process travel and accommodation expenses
  70. Unpaid final invoice by client (working through agency & umbrella)
  71. Recruitment companies forcing contractors to join their "preferred" Umbrella company
  72. Umbrella Enrolled me in NEST
  73. VAT on Stuff
  74. International umbrella company for HK-based work, for UK client co?
  75. Expenses additional confirmations...
  76. Best Umbrella Company
  77. Choice of Umbrella 'non negotiable'
  78. Tax + Employer NI over 3 months
  79. Cheapest?
  80. Umbrella company monthly take home pay could be more than Limited Company??
  81. 'The Tax Month'
  82. Business trip flight expenses
  83. Take home differences PAYE+ National insurance
  84. Umbrella Notice Period - Back to Perm
  85. Apprentice Levy
  86. Whats the Future for the Umbrella Companies ? (Loss of T&S)
  87. Current Advice Wanted on PCL Please
  88. UCATT tribunal win on Er's NI
  89. contract of employment
  90. Umbrella calculation - realistic estimation
  91. Umbrella Contract of Employment?
  92. Umbrellas and SDC April 16 onwards
  93. Software Developer - recommend a good Umbrella Company
  94. Tek Umbrella
  95. Umbrella choice: grateful for any feedback
  96. Holidays not allowed between contract renew/extension
  97. Remuneration Trust and Limited Company / Umbrella
  98. Umbrella Company Not Refunding Holiday Reserve from Previous Years
  99. Umbrella fees
  100. "Huge" umbrella company problems
  101. contract work for short term project in the evening...
  102. Require Bulgarian based Umbrella
  103. Self-employed to Umbrella switch....
  104. Umbrella and tax return
  105. Umbrella and expenses in tax year 2016/2017
  106. Standards of working with reputable brollies
  107. Does AWR affect working with brollies?
  108. Umbrella and insurances
  109. Can't get contract if working under brolly?
  110. Umbrella - full contract of employment vs payroll services only
  111. Umbrella Co for France/UK/Germany
  112. Do I have to use my Umbrellas in house SIPP scheme?
  113. New to contracting
  114. Have umbrella companies told their clients what their plans are after April?
  115. Brolly from April - should the wife change?
  116. Umbrella companies post April
  117. Umbrella overcalculated expenses.
  118. Do Umbrella companies benefit from collecting VAT?
  119. Conduct regulations and an umbrella company
  120. Choosing umbrella
  121. T&S Clarification from HMRC
  122. Recommendation for Umbrella Company
  123. All change at Contractor Umbrella?
  124. BSL Umbrella
  125. A simple statement declaring "No SDC" will NOT suffice as evidence
  126. Giant Umbrella pension auto enrollment
  127. Advice please, at the end of my rope
  128. Approach from Procorre
  129. goUmbrella Review - AVOID
  130. Help! Parasol - Confused about expences and not getting any help from them!
  131. HMRC to align T&S legislation with the intentions of Parliament
  132. Help with signing up to an umbrella company
  133. Umbrella Company Recommendations
  134. Umbrella companies still allowing expenses Post 6th April 2016
  135. Intellectual property clause in umbrella's employment contract?
  136. Anyone Used i-paye
  137. Umbrella Companies mentioned on Money Box (R4) today.
  138. BBC Money Box - National Insurance - how some 'umbrella' contractors pay twice
  139. Anyone used ADVANCE as an umbrella?
  140. HMRC correct Clause 14 of T&S
  141. Why is BestPay in the directory
  142. First Time Contracting and Brollying Tips
  143. Recommendations / Reviews on Umbrella companies
  144. Umbrella company not filing taxes
  145. Umbrella confusion!!!!!!!
  146. Danbro Umbrella
  147. Do you think I have been overcharged by the umbrella?
  148. Maddison Umbrella
  149. Carnegie Knox Any reviews?
  150. Advice on umbrella company (choice of 8)
  151. PayStream
  152. My agency is forcing me to use their Umbrella Company!
  153. Contract termination without honouring notice period
  154. New Brolly tax regime
  155. Autumn Statement 2016 - Umbrella Company Changes Afoot
  156. Umbrella agency and contractor liability
  157. Your Umbrella (CPS Group)
  158. Public Sector and Umbrella
  159. AppyTech anyone?
  160. Info on Payerise
  161. Maternity pay through Umbrella company
  162. Is there an umbrella company where you can choose your pension and other benefits?
  163. BIS launch investigation into work & employment conditions off back of T&S Legislatio
  164. New to contracting and umbrella companies
  165. Umbrella calculations and why they differ!
  166. Umbrella company and T&S expenses
  167. A new term: "Advanced Umbrella"
  168. What umbrella company do I choose? Is offshore safe?
  169. Public sector.... switch to umbrella, really?
  170. Atlantic Umbrella
  171. New contract from Umbrella with new assignment?
  172. Parasol Group: A Warning (Do not use this Umbrella Company)
  173. UK Citizen- Belgian tax resident
  174. Umbrella and Sole Trader at the same time
  175. Tax saving through Pension Contributions
  176. Make sure you are getting a realistic take home pay calculation post April 2017
  177. Please help me choose an umbrella company
  178. FPS (freelance professional services (umbrella company)
  179. Contractor Umbrella - any good?
  180. Good News at Last!
  181. Umbrella Requirements LTD Any good ??
  182. Inside IR35 PS - limited or umbrella
  183. too good to be true? help choosing umbrella services
  184. Help - paid twice in one tax month
  185. Appytech
  186. Holiday/sick pay, hours offered etc
  187. Can Umbrella Payroll survive 2017
  188. Appytech - Tax avoidance?
  189. Help! I think my umbrella company has screwed me over!
  190. Umbrella Company and Self Employed Tax Return
  191. Umbrella income and Self Assessment
  192. Pension contribs using umbrella
  193. No contract between client and brolly
  194. How do I get paid? Strange situation
  195. Sterling Umbrella - avoid
  196. Another newbie seeking advice
  197. Umbrella companies that let you pay more into your pension?
  198. Independent advice
  199. 46% Tax? You've got to be joking..
  200. Help please, best to go limited? No idea, please help.
  201. What incentive is there for umbrellas to chase payment
  202. Apprentice levy what does your umbrella charge you?
  203. Question on Umbrella Reviews
  204. Feedback on ContractorUmbrella partner agencies on Capita CL1 supplier list
  205. Umbrella company won't pay. What can we do
  206. Newbie for only 3 months contract
  207. Umbrella PSL list
  208. Umbrella company payslip - different amounts of tax
  209. Inside IR35 and working via a brolly, are expenses allowable?
  210. Parasol Umbrella - STAY AWAY
  211. Short and disappointing preferred supplier list and SDC
  212. Help! New Contractor Looking for Umbrella Company for Holland/UK work
  213. Unsure whether I can leave my umbrella and use my own LTD company because of contract
  214. First Time Using and Umbrella Compnay
  215. General question about invoices and umbrella companies
  216. Advice and Guidance
  217. Pension contributions when working through an Umbrella
  218. Tek umbrella ltd
  219. READ ME before choosing your umbrella
  220. Advice on using an umbrella company for first time (& query about why contract with u
  221. WiseMC
  222. Lost at sea...Inside IR35.what % should I expect to take home?
  223. Giant Nest Pension Contributions
  224. Sole Trader to Umbrella
  225. Umbrella company kick back to agency
  226. First time contracting
  227. Why am I paying Employers NI?
  228. Danbro - cracking pension/childcare scheme
  229. Umbrella Company for part time temporary contract work (first contract)
  230. Recommend or Avoid any of these Umbrella Companies?
  231. Bedouin Umbrella Company
  232. Brit living in France, starting a contract in the UK
  233. proof ID
  234. Giant and hidden fees
  235. help on how to be paid wages
  236. Recommendation Please
  237. PAYE v Umbrella
  238. Set up company or go umbrella?
  239. Umbrella company in public sector
  240. WiseMC - still alive?
  241. Has anyone used Tailored Services for an umbrella Company
  242. Has anyone used Wise Move for an umbrella Company?
  243. Suspicious Umbrella company
  244. First time contractor question
  245. Umbrella
  246. Brollies
  247. PAYE or umbrella
  248. Help for an 18yr old Choosing Umbrella!
  249. Delaying payment till April 6th
  250. Salary sacrifice: choice of 'workplace' pension schemes?