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  1. Should I trade as a Limited Company, umbrella or composite
  2. Everything you ever wanted to know about umbrella companies but were afraid to ask...
  3. Dispensations
  4. Anyone ever used GO Umbrella?
  5. Choosing an Umbrella - new to contracting
  6. self employed umbrella company
  7. Remote Working - European Umbrella Companies
  8. One quick question
  9. dodgy umbrella company
  10. Sombrilla Umbrella - dodgy calculation needs help!
  11. SMP and Umbrella Companies
  12. Springboard Umbrella or Ltd company??
  13. Agency worker regulations
  14. Anyone heard of Templar Management?
  15. Umbrella recommendations
  16. Umbrella Companies
  17. Weekly pay
  18. Bad payers!
  19. Maximising take home
  20. White Collar Financial
  21. Umbrella Companies - Am I Getting Conned?
  22. No longer Ltd->Crystal Umbrella Services Ltd->Aqua Bubble Ltd T/As Crystal Umbrella??
  23. Anyone with Halcyon Management?
  24. Banks no longer accept umbrella companies
  25. Triangular employment contracts
  26. Surely this can't be legal/moral?
  27. Seriously out of pocket
  28. where will Umbrella Companies go in 2011??
  29. I need some advice
  30. Umbrella Company - Tax Periods
  31. Umbrella Terms and Conditions
  32. Umbrella Companies and Payslip
  33. Using umbrella company for contractor work in Italy and being spanish national
  34. If I switch from an Umbrella to a LTD mid tax year can I claim on office furniture?
  35. Urgent Questions
  36. Negotiating Rate for joining Umbrella Co: Hr Rate + 12.07% Hol + 12% NI Uplift
  37. Income Reference letter
  38. Rceruitment Agency hit by MSC transfer of debt by HMRC
  39. Switzerland
  40. Carlsberg don't do umbrella companies but if they did................................
  41. New umbrella company required!
  42. Umbrella Negligence - need advice fast please
  43. Receive up to 80% of your pay.
  44. High Take Home Pay Schemes - a warning
  45. Where now?
  46. AWR and Swedish model - will I pay more?
  47. Umbrellas for irregular contracts
  48. Looking for umbrella for Sweden
  49. Umbrella Company for Sweden
  50. Umbrella or Not to Umbrella
  51. Contracting with a Student Visa
  52. Worrying HMRC statement - End of Umbrella?
  53. Early Exit
  54. Key Dispensation
  55. Giant and the taxman
  56. Handcuff Clauses by Umbrella Companies vs Agents
  57. Springbored
  58. HELP: - Contract In Spain
  59. Terminating Service with my Umbrella Company
  60. Help: understanding limited company %
  61. Help, House share accommodation question
  62. Anyone using Raingold
  63. New to contracting!
  64. HELP, new contract in Italy
  65. Contractor pays employers N.I.C
  66. Parasol Umbrella Company
  67. Umbrella company - not able to see contract - and terms change
  68. Is permanent job with an umbrella company while on teir 4 (student visa) illegal?
  69. Tax Solution
  70. Nasa Consulting, any thoughts?
  71. HMRC Compliance Check Worries
  72. Offshore Umbrella Co
  73. EMI Share Allocation Umbrella
  74. Agency overpaying umbrella
  75. AWR - pay between assignments
  76. Choice of Umbrella Company
  77. JSA in Watford - what are they like now for the Umbrella & Ltd Company approach?
  78. Crystal Umbrella
  79. Parasol = Thats a lot of deductions!
  80. Help - understanding a Umbrella Company
  81. variable rate contract and umbrella companies
  82. Contracting in Finland. Please help
  83. Business Expenses
  84. reliable umbrella companies ???
  85. am i self employed or employed ??
  86. Who was voted best Umbrella company by CUK in 2011 please?
  87. Umbrella company payslip and year end statement
  88. Umbrella company that operates in Norway.
  89. Parasol - Employment Costs - extra charges??
  90. Dutchpal.....GONE!
  91. Payslip - Employers NIC and NI by Employer?
  92. Umbrella expenses for conference / training
  93. Umbrella Company Benefits
  94. No payslip or P45 from umbrella company
  95. Rousseau International
  96. UK or EU umbrella
  97. Feedback on few Umbrella Companies?
  98. Client's preferred Vendor (umbrella)
  99. Client contracts via umbrella
  100. Umbrella company not disclosing assignment
  101. Non-UK resident: Umbrella company
  102. Ex Giant Powerhouse Contractors - Help wanted
  103. AWR Swedish Derogation = more pay, same frequency !
  104. Umbrella Company | Notice period under probation - not clear?
  105. Which Umbrella is the best for peace of mind? (LOAN??)
  106. I'm getting paid minimum wage...
  107. Is it worth switching from Parasol to ContractorUmbrella?
  108. Best umberella for Belgium and what is your suggestion
  109. Daily Company Margin
  110. New Contractor; Which Umbrella Company Should I Use?
  111. 70th Birthday loan Umbrellas? Please Advise?
  112. Pay-between-assignments after 4 weeks on the AWR Swedish Derogation bench
  113. New to Contracting: Best Umbrella Company to use
  114. UK national, resident in Spain offered contract in Belgium. Umbrella company ideas?
  115. am i employed or self employed
  116. employed or self employed
  117. Umbrellas and pay
  118. One advantage of an umbrella company I hadn't thought of.
  119. Parasol - Employment costs
  120. Submitting two months invoice in one go...
  121. Umbrella Company Tax Issues
  122. Parasol and the questionable benefit of working through an umbrella
  123. Umbrella contracting booby trap - I fell straight into it
  124. Agency forces use of Umbrella Co
  125. Why won't Umbrella accept travel expenses
  126. HELP!!!!!
  127. Umbrella company forgot last month's pension contributions
  128. Umbrella companies 'expenses policy' changed
  129. Claiming expenses from an Umbrella company when you've left a contract/project
  130. Hardware expenses - qualifying period
  131. First and only assignment - Subsistence
  132. Claiming accomodation if office is closed
  133. Tier 1 Visa Extension and Umbrella Company...Urgent PLEASE HELP
  134. Advantage of Umbrella over working Direct?
  135. Pregnant and employee under parasol
  136. Weekly Payment from UC, but Monthly paid by Agency
  137. Is a 61% to 64% net return the norm
  138. Contracting in Switzerland
  139. Tier 1 Extension - Issue with Earnings via Umbrella...
  140. Umbrella Company Fees
  141. VAT on Client Rechargeable expenses
  142. Help! - Contractor Work with Umbrella company.
  143. Giant have reduced my wages by £30 a week..HELP!!!
  144. End of First Contract With Umbrella Company
  145. Umbrella Bribe
  146. Gladius Consulting
  147. Newbie looking for help... the sums dont add up
  148. Appalling behaviour from one of the leading umbrellas to me the last few weeks
  149. Not sure, Umbrella or Ltd ?
  150. Margin whilst on leave
  151. Is Umbrella Company Right For Me?
  152. advice re: 2 year rule
  153. EU-wide Umbrella companies?
  154. P800 Tax Calc
  155. letter received from HMRC regarding usage of Sanzar solution in 2010
  156. can anyone reccomend an umbrella company for czech?
  157. NoPalaver - has anyone please dealt with & can comment
  158. Expensing contract specific reference books?
  159. Choosing an umbrella company
  160. Parasol expenses cover sheet
  161. Short term contract and umbrellas
  162. How much effort to sort out overpayment?
  163. Curious PAYE figure on first Payslip...
  164. No Umbrella company has sent my P45 to HMRC!
  165. Key West for Belgium
  166. Fees charges by Childcare Voucher scheme providers
  167. Take home pay - Limited Company or Umbrella Company
  168. HMRC homing in on Umbrella expenses
  169. Supplier request form
  170. How to avoid paying any contributions before opting out of auto pension enrolment?
  171. Not used tax free allowance - advised Umbrella
  172. Spring & Umbrella
  173. Contract inspection - account manager
  174. Umbrella Companies: New to contracting
  175. Parasol - Employment Cost
  176. Contractor Umbrella - calculating two/three weeks on one payslip
  177. umbrella for a non-UK citizen
  178. Mortgage Application and Umbrella Company
  179. Accommodation Expenses Taxed
  180. Unreliable Umbrella Company
  181. Introduction to (FIRST PAYROLL SERVICES)
  182. Resign from Umbrella
  183. New to contracting,which umbrella?
  184. Umbrella Company & PAYE > Additional Tax bill received
  185. Moving from Umbrella to LTD @ contract renewal > Any advice or tips
  186. My umberlla hasn't paid me
  187. Expenses deductions on my payslip and bottom line?
  188. One Click Umbrella
  189. Best time to close limited company
  190. Paye, umbrella or limited company???
  191. Review - Global Generator
  192. Agency wants me to switch umbrella Co.
  193. New to contract World
  194. Advice needed - have to change umbrella for new contract
  195. Which Umbrella companies would you recommend out of the following..
  196. Hopeful return to the fold
  197. Solicitation - Umbrella Agency Query
  198. Query on Changing Brolly
  199. New Mortgage, Is it worth switching to an Umbrella Company
  200. Unreliable Umbrella- Not being paid on time- Furious
  201. Umbrella Advice needed please
  202. Umbrella Companies
  203. ContractorUmbrella are they really part of SJD?
  204. Umbrella issues
  205. Need clarification on expenses paid directly to my abroad account
  206. Umbrella Company in Singapore?
  207. Umbrella Company vs PAYE
  208. Work from home contract in the US
  209. Help with tax please
  210. Uk permanent address and umbrella companies
  211. moving to umbrella from ltd
  212. need clarification about NIC's
  213. hire car expense claiming
  214. PAYE or Brolly with 27% uplift - Advice sought
  215. Umbrella companys
  216. Owe Corporation Tax & Dividends, moved overseas
  217. Reclaiming Employer's National Insurance Contributions
  218. Contract for a US company?
  219. Help with Tax Code Issues
  220. Compusource, anyone?
  221. Short Term / One Off Contract?
  222. Umbrella Company offering 87% return
  223. Contracting and Tax Credits
  224. 90% vs 52%
  225. What is Uplifting? and how would it/should work?
  226. Newbie here... Unsure...
  227. Advice: Contract through umbrella late payments
  228. Statutory maternity pay through an umbrella - definition of "consecutive"
  229. Help re: contacting
  230. Employees Allowance
  231. What are the liabilities with umbrella's such as Garraway Ltd.
  232. Setting-Up a Ltd Co
  233. Don't be fooled by imposter umbrella companies
  234. Are you having problems with your Agency or Umbrella?
  235. reputable umbrella companies ratings
  236. Filetravel of liverpool
  237. Paycheck Services Limited
  238. Agreed Deductions? Employment costs? Atlantic Umbrella !!!
  239. Tax Devil
  240. *deleted*
  241. Umbrella company ended contract to avoid Maternity payments :(
  242. So so tired of begging for wages/salary etc from agencies & umbrella companies?
  243. Darwin
  244. Garraway
  245. Email address to report dodgy umbrella schemes
  246. Forced to use a particular umbrella - is this allowed?
  247. Clients not wanting to work with umbrella companies?
  248. Another scamming scheme - INOH
  249. UK resident, contracting in Denmark
  250. HMRC does something sensible