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  1. LCAG Loan Charge Lobby Day : Tomorrow. Here's the timetable
  2. LCAG Loan Charge Lobby Day : Tomorrow 24th October
  3. Need your advice
  4. Philip Hammond criminalises 50k people on national tv
  5. Anyone used "Umbrella Contracts" now or in the past for loan scheme?
  6. Loan Charge (again)
  7. Another Loan Charge thread. who's best for my situation? Am i actually caught?
  8. Loan Settlement, where all of loan was 2017-19.....
  9. Should Tax liability fall to Umbrella Company if Umbrella company still exitst??
  10. Will you be attending the loan charge webinar?
  11. Loan Charge. Is it a Tax Advisor or Solicitor you need first?
  12. Speeches in the HOL - 2019 Loan Charge - 13/11/18
  13. Parliamentary Debate Tuesday 20th November
  14. An apology (?) to you
  15. Did you work at HMRC?
  16. Any settlement figures yet?
  17. Generic HMRC Loan Charge Enquiry Letter
  18. Settlement (Anyone ever been offered a reduction)
  19. LOAN CHARGE expenses deductions
  20. House of Lords report censures HMRC
  21. The Trust Helpline Problem
  22. Can the S58 affected also have this please!!
  23. Could I end up paying HMRC the tax and being asked to pay my loan back?
  24. Cannot decide whether or not to settle
  25. Loan charge - who tells whom
  26. Treasury Sub-Comittee - Meeting
  27. URGENT: PHISHING ATTEMPTS: New development on HMRC Loans Charge - Loans repayment!
  28. IQ loan agreement 2015
  29. The Loan Charge and Pensions and Settlement...
  30. Writing off a Trust loan after settlement
  31. A richly deserved reward
  32. How do you get loans released - Kirium Employment Solutions and Invicta Limited?
  33. Loan Charge in PMQ's today.
  34. Montpelier loan repayment demands
  35. Can you still accept settlement offer after the 30days notice period?
  36. latest email from the "scheme"
  37. Is Employee NI due on LC
  38. Email from The Trust Helpline
  39. Loan charge - review outcomes - impact on settlement
  40. Settled in full with HMRC, loan written off. Now Ltd Co has tax enquiry???
  41. IQ Loan
  42. MP Visits
  43. Mel Stride breaks cover on Twitter to defend 2019 LC
  44. Constituents of Bob Neill - Bromley & Chislehurst
  45. Endeavour umbrella company
  46. Loan Charge : my story
  47. Is it true closed years may get removed from the LC?
  48. Lies, Damned Lies & Stats - last weeks Treasury SC Evidence
  49. Settlement, NI and limited company
  50. Interest....frozen at 30th Sept 2018 ?
  51. Loan Charge stories in the FT
  52. Scam calls from 0300 200 3420 (purportedly from HMRC)
  53. Not Sure If I am Affected by LC, What To Do, Any Advice Pls ?
  54. Using a Lawyer to remove the loan (once settled)
  55. IMPORTANT - LCAG Lobby Day...
  56. Loan Charge - late to party
  57. Times : Loan schemes offering help to ruined clients — for a fee
  58. Tax bill received
  59. Where's Phil gone?
  60. Advice - Darwin Pay
  61. Reporting Loan Charge
  62. Head in the sand (kinda) - 2 questions about settlement
  63. To settle or pay loan charge if LC is cheaper.
  64. Loan Charge on MoneyBox
  65. Loan Charge article in the FT this weekend.
  66. THL
  67. Phil - 'The Tax guy' (the rather dull and underwhelming sequel)
  68. OMG - Another scheme to fix a sheme?
  69. How Settlement is Structured
  70. Loan settling, limited company employer/ee NIC
  71. Instead of paying fees to Ambulance Chasers...
  72. THL - Goodbye and Good Riddance
  73. HMRC no bankruptcy claim contradicted
  74. A painful lesson
  75. AccountingWeb : 2019 Loan Charge
  76. There's a newer version of that Pension guide
  77. Sanzar Solutions loan amounts
  78. The LC and Open Years
  79. Trustees for repaying loan (satisfy loancharge)
  80. Likelihood of Loan Charge postponment or amendment?
  81. Ban retrospective, retroactive or back dated taxation!
  82. LCAG needs you. Maybe you need LCAG.
  83. Loan charge review - report and outcome
  84. Introduction of the 2019 Loan Charge
  85. Positive News - and we need YOU.
  86. Settlement - Provide HMRC with your own calculation?
  87. S222 ITEPA - final straw?!
  88. talkRADIO @4pm are discussing the 2019 Loan Charge
  89. Ask local MP to support the motion to delay the Loan Charge
  90. APPG’s report pn Loan Charge
  91. s223 - £190,000 charge ON TOP OF my settlement
  92. Interesting Article..... vested interest? In my opinion yes?
  93. Knox House Trust have sold debts to an independent finance company
  94. Query-sorry if answered elsewhere but don't know where to look
  95. Just received my settlement pack
  96. Loan Charge on the Victoria Derbyshire show
  97. CALL TO ACTION: Loan Charge debate on Thursday the 11th
  98. So Drug dealer gets better payment terms than Loan Charge
  99. Mel Stride scandal
  100. HMRC Lose Tax Avoidance Case in the Supreme Court
  101. Professional advice?
  102. loan remuneration advise
  103. Their Lordships examine the "Loan Charge"
  104. HMRC CTD (Certificate of Tax Deposit) Reimbursement Question
  105. Missed April 5th Deadline - Loan Charge
  106. Negotiating a settlement with Hmrc
  107. DSW Tax Resolutions
  108. How Soon Do HMRC Want The Money
  109. Politics live 15/05/2019: Loan charge and freelncer tax debts...
  110. Phil Manley question and answer session
  111. Has anyone not heard from HMRC re Contractor Loan
  112. Choice Contracting / Galaxy Scheme.
  113. Stride blames contractors for HMRC loan charge inaction
  114. IHT on AML
  115. Stride out Norman in
  116. 'I sold my home to pay HMRC's demands – then they withdrew them'