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  1. Another Consulting Overseas Victim?
  2. Talent Resource Management Situation - What are you going to do
  3. De Graaf/TwentyPlus/IOM DTA (Double Tax)
  4. Sunday Solutions Anyone Else Having A Problem
  5. Sunday Solutions and Bradbury and Co
  6. Choice Premier - Foreign Loan Scheme...
  7. EBT HELL: Assignment Solutions Isle Of Man / Premier Tax Strategies / DMS
  8. AM Limited COP8 HMRC Investigation Letter..
  9. HMRC Enquiry letters on Loans from EBT and other schemes
  10. HMRC Enquiries for EBT Loans from Cascade London
  11. HMRC enquiries for Talent Resource Management (TRM) / Cherrylon / Trentburg Schemes
  12. HMRC enquiries for EBT schemes through SANZAR
  13. Edge EBT thread
  14. Links to background info
  15. HMRC enquiries for EBT schemes through Kinsella Solutions Ltd
  16. HMRC enquiries EBT - Castlemaine and general questions
  17. Seminar on HMRC actions, EBT's and Tax Assessments/Enquiries/COP 8
  18. HMRC enquiries for Schemes through ASMG / White Collar
  19. White Collar Financial Limited
  20. Australians affected by EBTs
  21. Are there more HMRC enquiries in the pipeline?
  22. HMRC enquiries for EBT/loan schemes managed by Montpelier
  23. HMRC Enquiry for schemes through Darwin.
  24. HMRC enquiries for Cherrylon Scheme
  25. EBT - Too late to Appeal?
  26. HMRC Consultative Document - marketed tax avoidance schemes
  27. Sanzar EBT Rulings News
  28. COP8 vs Discovery Assesment - Questions
  29. Signing Loan Agreements
  30. HMRC Enquiry Letters for Choice Premier / Berwick Associates/ Runnymede Services
  31. Have you been involved in a marketed tax avoidance scheme?
  32. Professional representation when dealing with HMRC
  33. Query about DA timescales and COP8
  34. Finance Bill Committee - Accelerated Payment Legislation
  35. Dodgy Schemes - War Stories
  36. Independent Contractor Services (ICS) - Merchant Group - EBT Scheme and HMRCs enquiry
  37. Paying back what you haven't got.
  38. Settlement Opportunity
  39. Inheritance Tax on loan schemes
  40. APN Question
  41. Recent use of offshore loan schemes - anyone approached HMRC?
  42. HMRC Enquiries into Future Capital Partners project fuel/bioethanol schemes
  43. Time limits for claims
  44. Settlement groups - common purpose?
  45. APNs Imminent - your help needed
  46. Recommended reading
  47. Accelerated Payment Factsheet
  48. Discovery Assessments and COP 8
  49. What an APN looks like
  50. HMRC recovery powers after APN
  51. hector ackowldeges they said schema outside dotas but that doesn't mean tax not due
  52. HMRC debt recovery
  53. Groups - forming, storming, norming, reforming
  54. The HMRC PR Game
  55. Agents receiving confirmations of schemes
  56. Contractor loans settlement offer - what are people doing?
  57. Section 28A Notice of Closure of Enquiry
  58. Judicial Review - HMG attempt to stifle - defeated
  59. ToAA
  60. What is tax avoidance?
  61. Is using an agency subject to DOTAS registration?
  62. Tax case on jurisdiction of s 739 - ToAA - Fisher
  63. "PSC Structure" with Aston Mae - is this above board?
  64. Settlement Opportunity (SO) Loan Scheme pre 2011 with HMRC
  65. Settlement or other options - Darwinpay
  66. COP8 Question
  67. Direct recovery of debt DRD - a dangerous step
  68. HMRC Enquiries for BestPay schemes
  69. Common themes
  70. End of Judicial Review?
  71. Lambard Wealth (and other new schemes) - Any opinions?
  72. Political motivation for tax persecution
  73. HMRC Scheme Enquiries on Deceased Contractor
  74. HMRC Enquiries: Bedouin/Redstone
  75. Finding an Extra COP8 anywhere??
  76. Ambulance chasers
  77. Inheritance Tax on Contractor Loans
  78. Poll - could you afford to pay APNs?
  79. I had to share this - apologies!
  80. Judicial Review of APN has been requested ...
  81. Settlement opportunity extended until 30 June 2015
  82. Asking docs for vetting process to join Sanzar/garraway/darwin by old-kent-roa
  83. Payments on account, APN's, Certificates of Tax Deposit
  84. Rangers Tax Case
  85. HMRC enquiry letter for Winchester IQ Contract under section 9a
  86. Strengthening Sanctions for Tax Avoidance - HMRC proposal
  87. HMRC Letter
  88. Thoughts on crowd funding for legal challenges
  89. Another reason HMRC can't be trusted.
  90. Do accountants/companies get anything for bringing EBT settlements to Hmrc?
  91. Important: If you are a Sanzar, Garraway, Winchester, Darwin and/or IQ scheme user
  92. Joint action on APN
  93. FT weekend Article on Setback for HMRC avoidance campaign
  94. Ramsay defeated
  95. www.hmrc-accountability.com
  96. Budget 2015
  97. New Government to Block expenses claims for controlled contractors.
  98. JRs, JRs and more JRs
  99. Pleading the 5th
  100. Calculating Potential APN
  101. Professional costs of HMRC enquiry/settlement/litigation
  102. APN query
  103. HMRC Enquiries: Fleming Laing
  104. Opportunity to participate in an APN judicial review
  105. Non DOTAS Schemes -
  106. How are you settling?
  107. Using a scheme (Non DOTAS) in the last 1-2 years - Help needed to rectify
  108. 15 minutes of fame
  109. Discovery and penalty
  110. Even more powers for HMRC
  111. If you cant pay an APN, would the judge rule in favour of bankruptcy
  112. Political Parties are making it up
  113. Paying APN in instalments - penalties?
  114. Ramsay approved
  115. Forthcoming General Election - send a message to the Chancellor NOW ...
  116. APN's being withdrawn?
  117. Received a call from HMRC about APN
  118. BIG GROUP
  119. How easy is it to find out the tax arrangements of MPs
  120. APN and penalty
  121. APN representation grounds
  122. Bedouin/Redstone/Edge - whoever they are called now
  123. Does an APN appear in the HMRC online self assesment portal?
  124. APNs and the deseased
  125. UK Supreme Court to hear UBS EBT case
  126. If you are considering bankruptcy - PLEASE READ THIS
  127. Tax avoidance clampdown - threatens rule of law
  128. I like to be interviewed
  129. Tax Avoidance Deals to be Done ?
  130. Is it possible to sue HMRC?
  131. Pls delete this - sorry
  132. APN Withdrawn
  133. Flat rate VAT scheme Quarterly returns
  134. New budget, new trouble
  135. A change at the PAC
  136. Calculating Interest
  137. HMRC cranking up the time machine again ...
  138. Proving Loan Amounts
  139. Direct recovery of debts
  140. NTRT challenge in FTT - Sign up - NOW
  141. HMRC response time
  142. How tax enquiries work or where to next?
  143. Self Assessment Tax Return checks 2011-12 onwards
  144. Will the decision of the JR with Ingenious help us?
  145. Anderson Recruitment - cue usual hyperbole and rent a quote
  146. Litigation against Accountants/Tax advisers
  147. Don't let this damage your health
  148. Resisting the APN - how - why - other questions
  149. APN and non DOTAS schemes
  150. Going Dutch
  151. BUDGET - JULY 8th - wish list
  152. Leaving the UK?
  153. Tax and Morals
  154. Big group is open
  155. Wolf to sheep and back to wolf?
  156. Costs awarded against HMRC
  157. Tempted to join a new contractor scheme? Ask the following
  158. Tax Calculation Summary last year.
  159. Sunny side up
  160. Best way to calculate the alleged Tax owed to HMRC from Loans
  161. Searching for other users of ICS / Merchant / Marra EBT schemes
  162. If you owe £10k in tax it's your problem, if you owe £10m it's HMG's problem
  163. CLSO - DEADLINE 30th JUNE
  164. Misuse of APN
  165. Discover letters for years with no tax return.
  166. Can you work out how much you owe based on day rate?
  167. Black Humour
  168. CLSO closed - what next?
  169. The next tax problem - PENSIONS
  170. If someone repaid the loans would the tax liability go away?
  171. You successfully rejected an APN as it passed the 4 yr rule?
  172. Breaking news on APN - being withdrawn
  173. Self assessment Beta test version
  174. Testimonies
  175. Freedom of information vs APN
  176. Summer budget 2015
  177. Closing trust IHT implications
  178. Rangers Tax Case
  179. Reluctantly paid both small APN's today
  180. Call for evidence
  181. Very Quiet on this thread lately
  182. HMRC propaganda - £26bn in extra tax last year?
  183. Budget 2015 - get angry, get active
  184. APN or CLSO - What to accept ?
  185. Pinsent Masons/Ingenious JR heard in the High Court last week
  186. Has a case against any DOTAS scheme been heard in court?
  187. Article on The Register today...
  188. APN JR defeated
  189. APNs with incorrect amount of tax
  190. HMRC debt collectors turned up at someone's house
  191. Just received a pre APN letter for 07/08
  192. APN refund
  193. Assignment Solutions EBT 2006 -2007
  194. CLSO Says No IHT Due?
  195. HMRC Data Protection Act requests
  196. getting through to HMRC by phone any other way
  197. Change.org
  198. Accepting CLSO vs just paying tax due?
  199. Contractor Updates - does anyone know this entity?
  200. HMRC Refuse to give APN stats
  201. Very Quiet of late...
  202. Big Group: Contractor Survey
  203. Reed Employment Court of Appeal decision
  204. Darwin Pay and HMRC
  205. HMRC in outflanking move
  206. Darwin 2011 APN Notification
  207. HMRC complaint - outcome?
  208. Interest Calculation on Settlement Tax
  209. Reasons for voluntary disclosure
  210. Loan status if interest is charged and paid at year end
  211. To Settle or Not To Settle... That is the Question...
  212. IHT in settlement calculations
  213. HMRC reports £1bn received against APNs
  214. Hodge - friend or foe?
  215. HMRC flexes new powers on contract and freelance workers in £5.5bn raid
  216. APN recieved what can i do
  217. Accountant not an MSC supplier
  218. darwin pay
  219. BIG GROUP/This Group
  220. APN / Settlement: How is Other Income calculated?
  221. Taxtalk (TRM Cherrylon et al) in liquidation
  222. HMRC should evidence open enquiries
  223. Penfolds / EBT - How far back can HMRC go?
  224. Tick tock for 2011/12
  225. Aml pbt 2011/12 hmrc
  226. 13/14 Check of Self-Assessment tax return
  227. QC News
  228. Action against EBT Scheme providers?
  229. HELP - Darwin
  230. Advice on process please
  231. APN and paying from your limited account
  232. Applying a CTD to an Appealed EBT Amount
  233. To settle, or not to settle....
  234. APN news - chinks and glimmers
  235. Murray Group (Rangers) tax case - decision today?
  236. How Far Back
  237. Optima Professional / SP-Management / First 4 Lawyers
  238. Potential APN for the whole entire Welsh town?
  239. Big Group and HMRC - meeting
  240. Time expiration limits on self assessments and enquires
  241. Lessons from Murray Group
  242. HMRC next steps
  243. Autumn Statement 25 November 2015 - reaction/thoughts/rants/
  244. APN, Judicial Review, HMRC collection activity
  245. Death of Grass
  246. Garraway Limited 13-14 enquiries. Anybody else?
  247. Judicial Review - appeal to be heard
  248. APN Rescue
  249. Ingenious film scheme investors granted leave to appeal APN JR to the Court of Appeal
  250. Check your APN carefully...