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  1. Discussion document on IR35 published
  2. Govt IR35 review...better to be direct to client now rather than through an Agency
  3. Any point in contracting after April 2016?
  4. Have you written to your MP yet?
  5. Freelance Limited Company (FLC) offering from IPSE
  6. HMRC fact sheet on new dividend allowance
  7. What do you think will happen to agencies next April?
  8. IR35 - Back to first principles....
  9. Contractor body you've never heard of says bogus self employment is a myth
  10. Future of contracting if end client decides status
  11. Outside IR35 Not Many Changes
  12. Dividend allowance to sit inside contractors' tax bands
  13. A reasonable balanced article on the Dividend and other tax changes
  14. Survey - Next Steps
  15. HMRC refused to publish out come of discussion paper on T&S
  16. The Ben/Jo case study and IR35
  17. New place to debate the future
  18. Getting client involved
  19. End of the road
  20. Website
  21. This is great news
  22. Rates
  23. Moving to a limited liability partnership.
  24. Careful tax planning needed?
  25. Consultation on Tier 2 Visas
  26. Make sure your tax investigation cover is in order
  27. Are Footballers come under new tax regime?
  28. Professional Service Firms vs Labour Services
  29. I'm a bit behind on the subject...
  30. S,D and/or C = Fail
  31. IR35 Consultation Responses?
  32. Increase the 5% allowance for being inside IR35?
  33. Anyone seen a contract that doesnt
  34. Will contracting go out with a bang or a whimper?
  35. Timetable
  36. Food For Thought T&S
  37. Accounting Web response to T&S consultation.
  38. Accounting Web response to T&S consultation.
  39. NHS issues with 'rip off' agencies and expensive agency workers
  40. ICAEW responds to proposed travel & subs changes.
  41. T&S
  42. Agency Legislation and SD or C
  43. A New Business Entity Test
  44. BA - Doom
  45. A suggestion - for free - for critique
  46. S, D or C history lesson
  47. New World VAT
  48. Wave
  49. Mercenary contractors post Apr 16
  50. FOI Update
  51. Planning for the worst - Post April 2016 will company cars be better value?
  52. Waiting for the Autumn statement?
  53. Risk premium?
  54. Abbey Tax News Article
  55. Looking Abroad
  56. NHS cap on premium foragency workers - implication for contractors?
  57. Article in the Guardian
  58. Contracts longer than a month could be forced onto PAYE under new rules
  59. PAYE and VAT
  60. How Many Contractors in UK?
  61. Will IT contractors be considered permanent employees after one month on site?
  62. SDC proposals leaked?
  63. The Agent Decides - Could This Be a Good Thing
  64. HMRC want to hear from us
  65. Contractors United will never be Shafted!
  66. What is everyone going to do assuming HMR&C and Osborne get their way?
  67. What are the clients going to do assuming HMR&C and Osborne get their way?
  68. How much is the Freelance industry worth?
  69. Anyone speaking to clients about the proposed changes?
  70. IR35 Crackdown proposed by Chancellor
  71. T&S changes - company car/van
  72. Is George Osbourne keeping you awake?
  73. Discussion with my MP
  74. CIOT recommendation
  75. Your plan for worst case scenario
  76. Email from David Morris MP on the AS
  77. Autumn Statement
  78. Link to the official AS2015 documents
  79. Just received this from our contact at HMRC
  80. Employment status overview
  81. Email to David Morris MP - Part 2
  82. PSC - view for the bar
  83. Brollies want SDC for all
  84. Chartered Institute of Tax response to IR 35 proposals
  85. Finance Act 2016
  86. MVL Clarity
  87. Big Announcement From Hector
  88. Transfer of Liability and IR35
  89. IR35 will not change until at least April 2017
  90. confused by t&'s latest announcement
  91. Government "back in listening mode" on changes to IR35
  92. Cost of abolishing IR35
  93. Lin Homer quits
  94. The rise of the Gig economy
  95. IR35 forum minutes
  96. Quick summary of impending changes in April
  97. Twitter chat today for umbrella users
  98. T&C expenses changes & impact on public sector contacting
  99. The future of IT contracting in Europe
  100. Can anyone personally recommend a good IR35 solicitor?
  101. Budget 16th March 2016
  102. OTS Small Company Taxation Review
  103. Are contracts really worth the paper they are written on
  104. New Osborne Threat to Contractors
  105. The death of Public Sector contracting
  106. Property Income Allowance
  107. Finance bill 2016
  108. Personal service companies : recent debate
  109. Employment Allowance guidance
  110. Compliance company advising clients to label all contractors as 'supervised'
  111. IPSE CC elections - who's going to stand this year?
  112. Public sector IR35 consultation launched
  113. You're probably not going to like this - we certainly don't
  114. PS Contracting Post April 2017 - Work Through 2 LTD Companies
  115. Thinking outloud - getting round the new PSC rules
  116. PS changes April 2017 - caught or not?
  117. ... self-employed and temporary workers to be protected by new laws
  118. Small company taxation review
  119. Tax planning question - spouse resident overseas
  120. Will Hector come after Public Sector Contractors
  121. And the first leg is removed
  122. And the choice will have to be made
  123. HMRC off payroll decision service
  124. Support petition to scrap ICT (Intra Company Transfer) Visa in IT sector
  125. How many contractors does it need to be a business rather than a PSC?
  126. End of contractors at any GOV.UK project after April 2017
  127. Direct or agency April 2017
  128. PCG and QDOS can save the day with IR35 insurance for agencies
  129. The PS, IR35 and GCloud
  130. An Agency's View
  131. Bike courier wins her court case
  132. Limited company IR35
  133. Contractors need to sell themselves as a Cloud resource
  134. BEIS Work of Work Forum
  135. Teleworking as a sole trader from the UK for a non-EU (Swiss) client (former employer
  136. Plumber wins workers' rights battle against Pimlico Plumbers
  137. HMRC new assessment tool
  138. Are we really thinking of off payroll rules for Private Sector?
  139. End of IT contracting this June?
  140. IPSE CC Elections
  141. Public Sector Rules, coming to you soon...
  142. Taylor Review
  143. Blue sky thinking - should we be looking at Plan B alternatives to "PSCs"
  144. Corbyn vs HMRC
  145. November 22nd - The death of contracting as we know it
  146. Volunteers needed
  147. So what now?
  148. Unite warns against private sector rollout of IR35 changes
  149. More "Gig Economy" news: Court backs salesman's claim for 13 years of holiday pay
  150. Treasury response to "Don't extend IR35 reforms to Private sector" petition (no news)
  151. Telegraph article on IR35 impact
  152. Specialist roles outside IR35
  153. IR35 Forum Minutes from December
  154. Nightmare becomes reality
  155. Off Payroll working - written ministerial statement 13th March 2018
  156. IR35 fast track catch up
  157. Statement of Work Contracts
  158. Charlie and Thomas -- Another Nice Example from HMRC
  159. HMRC dream of becoming world class
  160. Not keen on CIOT's IR35 consultation suggestion
  161. Hammond plans tax crackdown on 'synthetic self-employed'
  162. “The Organ Grinder and the Monkey”
  163. Sick pay and holiday pay - how much damage would that do to the market?
  164. Ir35 2020
  165. The end
  166. Quick question regarding company size
  167. SEPA Account
  168. My Note to IPSE Today
  169. Remote contracting - move to a tax haven?
  170. Petition Against Retrospective Taxation...
  171. The end is nigh ?