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  1. SDC status on contract outside IR35
  2. Inside ir35 private sector work through agency
  3. Ex-HMRC tax inspector sounds alarm over suitability of IR35 online status checker
  4. Capita transfer to AMS/PSR
  5. HMRC IR35 complaints ignored for 7 months and counting
  6. Forced into contracting? Read this
  7. Inside IR35 - agency PAYE versus Limited
  8. Agency overcharging hirer
  9. IR35 and 40h work week
  10. IR35 caught contactor wins holiday pay from HMRC
  11. Confirmed OUTSIDE whilst working for government department
  12. Worth challenging IR35 PSC public sector decision?
  13. IR35 Employers NI
  14. HMRC asking for Outside IR35 PSC details
  15. Hypothetical situation - HMRC / IR35 review, deemed inside - tax bill? Who pays?
  16. Judge rejects CEST assessment
  17. Network Rail IR35 Assessment
  18. What happened to the Public Sector IR35 section?
  19. Consultation Results Published
  20. PSC with Sub contractor
  21. 2018 Finance bill
  22. When GDPR meets IR35
  23. Convince Client NOT to use CEST
  24. Will it be END of contracting after IR35 to private sector ??
  25. IR35 Forum
  26. Why do HMRC pick IR35 cases that they lose?
  27. Could the IR35 reform indirectly harm companies access to tech talent?
  28. Consultation on IR35 reforms in the private sector
  29. Masters Dissertation - For contractors
  30. So, what are you going to do come April 2020
  31. Lorraine Kelly - what we can take away from this case
  32. How do the proposed IR35 changes to private sector affect overseas clients?
  33. HSBC contractors to be inside IR35
  34. Contractors at HMRC at outside IR35
  35. CL1 & IR35
  36. Mel Stride - conflict of interests?
  37. HMRC : Prepare for changes to the off-payroll working rules (IR35)
  38. IR35 private sector : Switch to permie or leave ..... not that simple.
  39. Public Sector / Hays U Paystream Employers NI
  40. New Contract - ex-IR35 guarantees?
  41. Contributing to the contractor calculator campaign ...
  42. Payment on Account Jan before rule change
  43. "Relatively Low Turnover" criteria mentioned in the contactoruk.com article
  44. Private sector EDM
  45. Mel Stride's response to my letter to my MP regarding the new IR35 rules
  46. IR35 Abroad
  47. Repeal IR35 legislation in Public Sector and proposed Private Sector rollout.