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  1. This guy will get it
  2. These guys will never get it
  3. Nissan chief executive 'confident' after meeting with Theresa May
  4. Honda prepares to close factory in Swindon
  5. Nissan announces plans to build new Sunny SUV in the UK
  6. Airbus confirms withdraw from Filton
  7. using a uk ltd to fund an eu27 ltd venture
  8. Ice cap DOOM™
  9. First Brexit Dividend!
  10. Japan's EU deal 'threatens post-Brexit UK industry'
  11. UK recalls Ambassador from Japan
  12. Brexit: Customs checks to be simplified in no-deal situation
  13. Fishing wars
  14. spudbhoy's contract
  15. No people like that on this forum
  16. UK services sector on the verge of recession
  17. EU Japan FTA 'to increase UK GDP by up to £3 billion the longer term'
  18. AtW, are you sure you want to stay in EU?
  19. Brexit and contract work.
  20. Brexit means British Exit ....
  21. It'll all be fine. The negotiators will sort it all out
  22. UK signs first great trade deal
  23. Europe in 2020
  24. Special place in hell
  25. JRM message for the common people
  26. Video of Brexit Negotiations
  27. EU to break up within 5 years
  28. If there was a 2nd ref ....
  29. Corbyn Brexit Offer Gives Labour MPs Space to Back May's Deal
  30. Bad news for the EU and Germany.
  31. The Last Gambit
  32. Brexit deal may not be put to MPs until late March, officials say
  33. EU love fest
  34. Cheaper homes
  35. Panic as drugs become scarce if no deal Brexit
  36. EU to offer a new deal
  37. The Last Gammon
  38. Britain's richest person to leave UK for tax-free Monaco
  39. May returns triumphant from Brussels
  40. Europe after Brexit
  41. BREXIT BOOM!!! Contract of the day.
  42. London pushes to take Saudis off EU dirty money blacklist
  43. Jeremy Corbyn's leadership ratings crash to worst level yet over Brexit
  44. 30
  45. FTA with USA
  46. UK Boomed
  47. May and Corbyn should do interviews like this
  48. Defectors
  49. Rubber glove
  50. Brexit: 'Very real' chance of Irish unity poll if no deal
  51. Netflix treat for Brexiteers
  52. Disney treat for Remainers
  53. Germany Plus
  54. Donors
  55. Doners
  56. Bugs
  57. No deal brexit to cost 100,000 jobs...
  58. Thousands of UK lorry drivers face being barred from entering EU
  59. UK in recession
  60. Democracy Trolling
  61. Ounce of pounds
  62. Let them eat cake
  63. CUK Trolling
  64. EU Project Fear ramping up.
  65. Most CUK posters will benefit from Brexit
  66. Most CUK posters will benefit from Brexit
  67. communications breakdown
  68. EU forces Germany after EU law change
  69. Caption competition
  70. The Withdrawal Agreement explained
  71. Next vote on WA may not happen until after EU summit...
  72. 29 Mar 2019 23:00:01
  73. The Withdrawal Agreement explained
  74. Eurovision 2019
  75. Politicians are playing a dangerous game
  76. Heads up
  77. Project Carny - New Order
  78. Winding down the clock
  79. Heads up - Brexit to be cancelled
  80. Ford to close all factories in the UK
  81. Bogs
  82. Bags
  83. Begs
  84. EU to cave in late March summit
  85. Swiss permits
  86. Swiss Permies
  87. Brexit affecting the cost of living
  88. I mean for ****s sake
  89. Brexit the blue animal
  90. Carry on Westminster
  91. Farage's new "the brexit party" party
  92. Breaking news: UK 14th biggest jam exporting country in the world
  93. 800 mln per week
  94. UK too feeble to handle Brexit
  95. oh dear™: Corbyn to hold Brexit talks with Barnier and Verhofstadt next week
  96. Well, this is all going so well
  97. Sausage world cancelled because of Brexit and its all the EUs fault
  98. EU too feeble to handle Brexit
  99. Theresa May to back down on backstop demands in Brexit deal...
  100. Government must 'get its act together' to prevent panic-buying and civil unrest
  101. We're watching you
  102. Reality vs belief
  103. Brexit surcharge
  104. Brexiters are communists
  105. Let them trade with China instead
  106. Eskimos have 27 words for "snow"
  107. FlyBMI in administration
  108. Brexit emboldens arseholes
  109. March coming
  110. EU preparing to send aid to the UK
  111. Brexit positive news thread
  112. Food standards
  113. Dog shit
  114. Tories to replace May with Boris Johnson
  115. BOAC makes come back
  116. Making friends with new trade deals
  117. Honda to close UK factory
  118. Who needs Honda anyway...
  119. DimPrawn turns against Brexit
  120. EU planning severe restrictions on UK exports
  121. Israelis Getting Uppity With The Poles...
  122. Negotiations
  123. Theresa May disbands Parliament and declares martial law
  124. Chemical brothers
  125. Brexit survival course
  126. Corbyn to open Hull Tractor Factory for his 5 year plan
  127. Labour's 1983 election manifesto
  128. Rees-Mogg to open Hell Mouth for his 50 year plan
  129. Out of time
  130. Five Year Parliaments
  131. I'm a Brexit girl, in a Brexit world Life in plastic, it's fantastic
  132. No one expects the European Commission!
  133. Brexit uncertainty
  134. Hateful 8
  135. Ford closes car factory due to Brexit
  136. Removing barriers for trade after Brexit
  137. Britains yongsters ARE coping with Brexit!
  138. Removing barnacles for trade after Brexit
  139. No deal brexit means £52 visas for EU
  140. Tory parliamentary party to be destroyed in the event of no deal
  141. JRM announced creation of the Daily Mail Party
  142. 40%
  143. Brexit Doom!
  144. Brexit DOME
  145. Project FEAR - Food
  146. Post-Brexit F CUK
  147. Job losses
  148. Please post you unsubstantiated, opinionated, project fear crap here
  149. Japan
  150. Brexit, where's the beef?
  151. Brexit could make beer cheaper
  152. Project boom!
  153. Brexit damages economy
  154. ‘Project Reality’, Brexit and the cargo ship en route to the unknown
  155. Lord Dim Dim unveils secret weapons
  156. The City is okay
  157. Revolting Tories
  158. Former WTO boss warns Brexiteers no deal trade plans are 'NONSENSE'
  159. How much does the EU really cost us?
  160. How to win friends and influence people
  161. The future trade deal with the EU
  162. Finally good news - post-Brexit tax breaks for real!
  163. Cheddar
  164. Brexit could be delayed until 2021, EU sources reveal
  165. Conservative Party changes logo in preparation for snap election
  166. Brexit cancelled due to 50p!
  167. The EU can't survive. Good article here and well researched.
  168. Brexit humiliation
  169. Tales from the Vault: Red Mirror
  170. Brexit smells
  171. I hope Brexit isn't delayed
  172. The only sane brexiteer
  173. Brexit humour
  174. Decolonization of Mauritius
  175. No Deal exports grind to a halt
  176. No deal or short delay
  177. Votes to be offered to the commons
  178. What Goes On in Those Brexit Talks in Brussels?
  179. EU may insist on a long extension
  180. Rees-Mogg Softens Stance on May's Deal
  181. It took Greenland 3 years to leave the EU
  182. Macron vows to block any Brexit delay without a 'clear objective'
  183. We will control our borders
  184. Boomed
  185. Taking the Mickey
  186. Global Britain
  187. Get your boots on
  188. Brexit: Gap Too Far
  189. Send a gunboat!
  190. Good riddance
  191. Government insists US trade deal won't lower food standards for UK
  192. Invites have been sent for my Brexit party
  193. The French
  194. Colonisation of Ireland
  195. Ze Germans
  196. Irish No Deal Plans
  197. What the US want...
  198. Breaking news
  199. Tide turning in PM's favour
  200. Brexit and bad weather puts UK farmers at risk of suicide, say charities
  201. European Parliament Sets out its Vision
  202. No deal better than a bad deal
  203. Nanny knows best
  204. Free from UK veto EU is now ready to stop time
  205. Brexit dividend reaching the regions
  206. Revoke Brexit now!
  207. Admiral Insurance
  208. Euro starts to be defacto currency in the UK
  209. Just a reminder what vote leave said in April 2016
  210. Mini and Toyota to leave UK in case of no deal brexit
  211. Panic buying
  212. UK manufacturers panic
  213. Donald Tusk claims anti-European forces meddled in Brexit vote
  214. EU to have its cake and eat it
  215. T-25 days...
  216. Causes of the vote in favour of Brexit
  217. Despite Brexit
  218. UK plans to slash up to 90% of tariffs if there is no-deal Brexit
  219. Political unicorn safari
  220. British backstop proposal unintelligible
  221. Breaking Point
  222. A good time to take early retirement
  223. LMFAO
  224. Meanwhile in the land of milk and honey
  225. UK has gone from fastest-growing to slowest-growing
  226. Brexit boost
  227. Seems quiet in here
  228. Well I never
  229. Brexit bonus
  230. The sensible party
  231. Democracy
  232. PM and her ministers are already pointing the finger at EU for impending failure
  233. Gormless in Grimsby
  234. POS
  235. Introduction and Plan of the Work
  236. 'Vernacular' words to use when communicating with Brexiteers
  237. Looking forward to deregulation after Brexit?
  238. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay has launched a bitter attack on Michael Barnier
  239. Ever Closer Union
  240. Brexit did it and ran away
  241. Leadsom: What Brexit game is EU playing?
  242. Add your brexit jokes here
  243. Tell Tulip to Deliver Brexit
  244. Help
  245. Don’t Expect Theresa May to Put Country Over Party
  246. EU Copyright Directive - have we done this one yet?
  247. Brexit Episode IV: The Only Hope
  248. Kerching!
  249. May postpones meaningful vote
  250. We're all professionals