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  1. Invoice using clients accounting periods?
  2. My accountant made few mistakes, what to do?
  3. Registered Office at Accountant's Address?
  4. Setting up a branch of my Ltd abroad
  5. Self Assessment and P11D
  6. Is it the agent or the client or just ol'stupid me?!
  7. Closing Ltd Co, distribution of capital?
  8. Error in SA100 submission
  9. Voluntary Liquidation
  10. Client been bought by another company
  11. LTD taxes and interest rates?
  12. Breaking my contract?
  13. ContractorMoney 'FLEXIMORTGAGE' OFFER: Tax efficient Offset mortgages for contractors
  14. If you know you're going to make a loss on a property, move it to your Ltd?
  15. Self Billing invoices.
  16. Charles Marcus
  17. Agency went bust, defaults on money owed
  18. Struggling to understand tax efficiency...
  19. What if I do not have a receipt/invoice?
  20. LtdCo lending secured on property
  21. Moving abroad for a year- can I withdraw all company retained profits to avoid tax?
  22. UK tax on rental income as a non resident landlord
  23. Home Expences
  24. Outstanding invoices due - but company has closed?
  25. Self Assessment and Tax Free Capital Distribution/Company closure
  26. Contractor Umbrella/LTD and Insurance
  27. Swapping agancies
  28. Mortgage with 1 year Ltd Co. accounts?
  29. Employers and IR35
  30. Flat rate backdate claim
  31. Paying SATR
  32. major agency legal strife - agency withholding money
  33. 2e2 into administration - what next for contractors
  34. Thoughts on this please is BN66 / Section 58 / IVA
  35. Where to pay tax - co in UK, client in EU
  36. I think my MVL may be affecting my personal credit rating
  37. Weekly Dividend
  38. Negligence in Software Development - Legal Proceedings?
  39. Doing your own payroll etc instead of an accountant.
  40. Tax refund - £2600? Don't think its correct
  41. Best Corporate Card
  42. Where does your warchest reside?
  43. Profit from Flat Rate VAT - does this count as turnover in annual accounts?
  44. Expenses without receipts - how far back can I claim?
  45. First job, first contract, a bit confused...
  46. Company in Poland, leaving in Belgium and working in Germany.
  47. Forced to opt out?
  48. Dodgy Accountant and corporation Tax
  49. Legal issue to do with conduct
  50. PCG IR35Workshop - Bristol monday - anyone going?
  51. How do I get at my money in the most tax efficient way?
  52. Job offer in Norway, 3 or 4 days working Norway, 1 or 2 days working UK
  53. Pension - why do I bother?!?!?
  54. Charitable Donations via LLC
  55. Desire to learn
  56. Crunch accountant or personal one ?
  57. Previous Years Retained Profit On P&L Account
  58. Contractors Banding Together in One Company
  59. can someone give a straight answer? when do accounts upto 31 jan2013 need to be filed
  60. btl property in company's name?
  61. SJD Advice on RTI Changes to payroll
  62. Providing emergency contact details to the company you work for - IR35 flag?
  63. working for client of client
  64. expenses allowance in self assessment
  65. Self Employed Business along with Limited Company
  66. Aussie resident and placement, but UK agency.
  67. Agency wont pay wages until new umbrella company has returned contract
  68. Dividend Documentation- please help
  69. can they not sign last invoice ?
  70. Setting up as self-employed?
  71. Anyone had any experience with ICICI Bank business banking?
  72. Client giving equity, should myself or my company own it?
  73. Company bank account while in a personal debt management arrangement
  74. A dumb question about income tax bands
  75. Living and working in Australia but contracting in UK
  76. IR35 compliance question - agency says contract is immutable
  77. MP's now going after IT companies supplying public sector
  78. Setting up a new business bank account; timescales
  79. UK born and bread, looking to move to Australia
  80. Moving from Limited to Umbrella (Tax/Dividends Question)
  81. Paying PHI and life cover through company
  82. PAYE - Shipley out, Cumbernauld in.
  83. Declaring Dividend
  84. Government to ban avoidance scheme users
  85. Annual Party
  86. Getting an A1 form as an Ltd company director?
  87. Minutes from last IR35 forum if anyone is interested
  88. Commision on a Contract
  89. Accounting for Substitution
  90. Accounting Terminology
  91. LLP: Pros and Cons?
  92. What's the point in setting up a company and paying dividends?!
  93. Best Barclays Alternative with Crunch?
  94. Business expense? Insurance for driving in Eire
  95. Lending daughter money....
  96. Limited Company in IR35
  97. Umbrella question...
  98. Damned if you do & damned if you don't
  99. Paying yourself and spouse wages....
  100. Legal reason agencies won't consider self-employed contractors ?
  101. Salary Question
  102. Balance Sheet - how to calculate...
  103. Anyone for naming and shaming
  104. Annually and monthly compounded mortgage interest
  105. Lendig money to GF to start a business...
  106. Clear v Crunch: choosing between 2 accountancy firms
  107. Regulatory body for ISPs / ADSL service ?
  108. Mileage between home, office and sites - grey area?
  109. Probably really basic Ltd Co question from a beginner!
  110. Working conditions going to pot
  111. Is going limited worth it if you are inside IR35?
  112. EBT/Loan Scheme Sub Forum
  113. Australian Properties held in UK / Offshore Trust
  114. OK everyone stop talking........
  115. Contractor Accountant + Freeagent?
  116. Does Double taxation take you into the next tax bracket?
  117. Closing down a Ltd company
  118. NRE - regarding insurances not pensions - back in the day
  119. Limited Company - can I pay secretary SMP and pay som else maternity cover?
  120. Tandem Strategies
  121. Take Higher Threshold Dividend Versus Director's Loan
  122. Gym membership
  123. HMRC Real Time Information (RTI) Payroll Changes
  124. Buying a house with a large deposit
  125. New limits for mileage claims?
  126. Professional Indemnity Insurance - but do I need Public Liability too?
  127. Do i HAVE to claim maternity pay?
  128. Prpoerty as an investment....
  129. terminology or real problem?
  130. Having a paying lodger
  131. Travelling back to home office may be unclaimable...
  132. Quick check
  133. Companies House Web Filing
  134. Tax Credits and Dividends question
  135. max loan term = contract length?
  136. Question about taking money out of a business
  137. "Deemed salary" versus legitimate dividends
  138. Two year rule with 3 contracts
  139. Insurances
  140. Salary amount
  141. Example cash flow
  142. Pay Corp Tax by personal debit card?
  143. 'Demand for Repayment' from agent
  144. Charging Interest on Overdue Invoices
  145. Quick one...
  146. Taking assets from a company in administration - advice needed please!
  147. please help - termination nightmare!!
  148. LTDC pension payment Question
  149. US corp. instead of UK Limited
  150. Dividend withdrawal strategy on closing limited company
  151. Closing down limited company after terminating Accountancy service
  152. Contracting to a US software vendor providing services to client(s) in the UK
  153. Tax liability of working in the UK for an NYC company
  154. Office Water bill
  155. Income Shifting
  156. Writing off old debt, tax rebates, etc
  157. LTD Company spouse as shareholder query
  158. PPI Claim company incompetency... how to get revenge?
  159. Sole or Principal residence
  160. Salary for 2013/14
  161. PAYE registration HELP
  162. Going Permie.. what to do
  163. Keeping track of expenses. What do you use?
  164. Reopening a company vs open a new one
  165. Client does not want to pay back dated VAT invoice
  166. Income Replacement Claim & EBTs
  167. Spouse as only Director
  168. being charged because I don't want to be 'tax efficient'
  169. Terminating an employees employment and records
  170. Contract terminated early without warning or notice
  171. CashPlus business bank account?
  172. Joint/Shared Ltd Co.
  173. If you work in the UK, you will pay tax in the UK......
  174. UK Ltd company, UK contract, sitting in an office elsewhere in EU
  175. Subsistence - Exactly what can be claimed?
  176. First class flight
  177. Photography Course: Expensable?
  178. Company Mileage
  179. Setting a company abroad.Outsourcing to it and UK taxman
  180. GAAR - impact on Ltd companies?
  181. advice for a non-UK citizen
  182. Backdating Company Pension Contributions re: IR35 investigation
  183. First Timer Advice
  184. Another Opt-out Question
  185. Interesting budget stuff
  186. Office holders will be affected by IR35
  187. Budget: £2k NI allowance
  188. Selling swiss shares -now HMRC wants their share (under Bilateral tax treaty) HELP!!!
  189. Budget 2013: Rules on Loans to Participators in Close Companies, effective from TODAY
  190. No Dividends paid to 2nd share holder-company dissolved now
  191. Combining contract and perm jobs
  192. Help with VAT
  193. Newbie - Refusing contract extension
  194. Directors Loan with unequal share split
  195. Reimbursing expenses of previous year
  196. Retained earnings/Dividends timing prior to tax year end
  197. Am I stuck with my formation company?
  198. couple of questions..
  199. Pensions for contractors
  200. Dates that apply for the 6 year rule for records ?
  201. Company Shares - restructuring
  202. Dissatisfaction with accountant's advice
  203. NW forcing an IR35 contract review
  204. Dividend and directors loan
  205. Dutch tax or UK tax??
  206. Insurance Renewal Time
  207. From HMR&C - IR35 and office holders
  208. RTI pilot reminder letters being sent in error
  209. Cater Allen have done it again - editing statement entries retrospectively.
  210. Question regarding PAYE
  211. HRMC late payment surcharge
  212. Taking a 2013/14 dividend a couple of days early?
  213. buying a building
  214. Time limited remote work from another EU country for UK based company.
  215. Tax due on rental income
  216. RTI Commenth (Hold me I'm scared)
  217. IR35 - 5% expenses on self assessment
  218. Did I miss something...
  219. Doing PAYE on my own - Accountant charges extra for RTI
  220. Investing corporation tax in stocks/gold?
  221. Best accountant services online?
  222. UK pension vs Salary - which should come first?
  223. FRS, is it cash accounting...
  224. warning: agent strategy with extra contract terms on a separate sheet of paper
  225. Security Clearance Graduate Job
  226. Max Div come new tax year
  227. Payment of out of pocket expenses by client
  228. Spouse as Secretary & Shareholder
  229. Tax Payable On Permanent Health Insurance (PHI)
  230. Dividends/directors loan and year end?
  231. Recommended Freeagent Accountant?
  232. Pension Alternatives ?
  233. Moving payroll abroad ?
  234. Sleeping and inactive limited partners...
  235. multi year contract at same client - accountant advises closing LTD and opening new
  236. Charging for IR35 contract reviews
  237. Earliest possible data of an ir35 investigation
  238. Expenses question
  239. Year End Ltd Co PAYE submission
  240. Do I need contract works added to my policy?
  241. Have I been had?
  242. Always under IR35 - should I still go umbrella?
  243. Limited Company, Personal account and Agency
  244. Making contract schedule project specific (IR35)
  245. Easter Working - Am I allowed to work as an IT contractor
  246. Restricted Clause and Liquidated Damages
  247. Working with AWR/IR35
  248. RTI for IR35 'customers'
  249. Interesting S660 FTT decision
  250. Umbrella Agency gone into administration - 6 weeks unbilled work