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  1. Charging interest for late payment of invoice?
  2. Experiences on switching accountant
  3. Required documentation to start employer pension contribution using own ltd company
  4. Corporation tax return help please
  5. Closing a company after 14 months - that I didn't use at all
  6. Help to Buy Equity Loan Mortgage: Going Direct to Lender
  7. Paid expenses put me in IR35?
  8. Expenses - confusion
  9. The S58 vs IR35 debate
  10. Closing down company - gotten myself stuck with PAYE and RTI
  11. What do agents earn on holding our money as long as posible?
  12. Why don't HMRC know how to deal correctly with P11D's ?
  13. Contract Terminated
  14. "wholly and exclusively for business reasons" with two businesses?
  15. Self assesment tax return for an LTD director/employee
  16. Start Date being postponed after signing the contract
  17. (Very) old P60
  18. Agency said i got the role but then backtracked few days later
  19. New Contacted landed
  20. Agency trying to impose notice period that is not in my contract.
  21. Capital Allowances and the AIA
  22. International Recruitment Group
  23. Salary calc for first timer
  24. Business Credit Card recommendations
  25. New ltd company hmrc are out to get me?
  26. Contractor through LTD rental application: self employed?
  27. Simple blueprint for long term tax planning
  28. Retirement/personal investment company vs trading company
  29. Merriman Weir, genius...
  30. Stupid mistake when filing FRS VAT return
  31. Opting in or out with an umbrella?
  32. Closing company down
  33. Have I dug my own grave?
  34. contracting newbie...expenses
  35. Contractor mortgages for auction properties
  36. S660 implications shortly after a share transfer has taken place
  37. CT600 Computations
  38. Has anybody experience of claiming on indemnity insurance (looking to get insured)
  39. Purchased laptop while overseas - can i claim as an expense?
  40. dodgy company
  41. HMRC have decided I'm inside IR35
  42. Mortgage Market update on MMR and why there are delays in processing applications
  43. Fallout between agency + client. My Ltd stuck in the middle
  44. IR35, MoO and vacation
  45. What constitutes an asset (computer)?
  46. How to apportion private use of hire car at weekend
  47. IT Contractor Self-Accountant Guide
  48. Advise needed
  49. What to do with surplus cash in business?
  50. invoice template for a UK limited company
  51. Boat as office
  52. VAT remittance advice
  53. Cannot pay VAT/PAYE due to Director's Loan - Need Advice !
  54. dissolved company still trading
  55. in or out ir35
  56. Client refuses to pay for services - help!
  57. Carter allen bank questions.
  58. Foreign Director - Only Foreign tax?
  59. Queen's Speech 2014: National Insurance Bill
  60. How can I figure out my remaining personal allowance?
  61. Companies house, share capital help.
  62. Getting money out of Ltd co I'm leaving
  63. Alphabet Shares - Confused
  64. Same agent different agency
  65. HMRC Penalty - fault of my previous accountant. What can I do?
  66. Unbelievable
  67. Should I go VAT eegistered?
  68. contract check too late?
  69. Doing one contract classed as permanent
  70. Rate rise but still take home same amount
  71. Direct contract with employer
  72. Moving from umbrella to ltd on renewal
  73. Company setup with foreign ownership
  74. P11D Question
  75. VAT when contacting for UK based company providing overseas financial advisory
  76. HMRC discovery assessments - how far back can they go now?
  77. Contractor's pension
  78. Is this sub contracting
  79. Recommendations for accounts please
  80. SA online how to declare capital gain from share sale
  81. Becoming a contractor again, some q's
  82. Professional insurance
  83. 2012-2013 Self assessment ??
  84. Cost relating to working while travelling?
  85. Use of home - What is the difference between these two links?
  86. Divorce and Wife Company Shareholder
  87. Has anyone successfully altered an agency contract for IR35 compliance?
  88. Advise needed on non payment from Agency, any contracts solicitors monitoring this gr
  89. RTI Return - Interim penalty
  90. Do I get vat refunded?
  91. What if I keep company dormant?
  92. Contractual clauses :- non-solicitation
  93. Income tax refund - money in business bank account
  94. Old Ltd co dormant and setup new ltd co
  95. Auto-enrolment pensions
  96. Contract Termination and bullying
  97. Company Pension
  98. MC and LJ Ive Ltd & M Ive (TC3529)
  99. re IR35 - I am responsible?
  100. Moved to UK, trying to send invoices to EU
  101. New one for the 90% brigade or....
  102. Security cleared failed even thou I have SC with MOD
  103. IFA recommendation?
  104. JSA and IR35
  105. Changing Ltd company name, good idea?
  106. Company Car implication if gifted.
  107. Car Insurance / AA Membership and an expense?
  108. Mortgage with contract breaks
  109. Relocating back to the UK, starting up as sole trader
  110. Business rates for detached garage conversion?
  111. Saving's account question
  112. Permie to contract same company
  113. Ending a self billing agreement
  114. Business Breakdown Cover
  115. Duplicate fuel receipt
  116. Dividends and salary - to the same bank account
  117. Tax avoidance insurance
  118. insurance policy clause in contract
  119. Question on filling P11D
  120. Fuel and meal expenses on commercial card
  121. Taxable profit and Corporation Tax
  122. Does a spreadsheet exist that does the calculations that Contractor Calculator does?
  123. Does this contract force Contractor (Relevant Staff) to start work ?
  124. Firing the Umbrella
  125. Ltd companies stopped ?
  126. Old mobile phones and captial expentiture
  127. P11D and Expenses Question
  128. HMRC Fine
  129. New danger for Husband/Wife share splitters....
  130. The latest IOM scam to look out for.
  131. QDOS IR35 insurance
  132. Referral Fee received. Now what?
  133. Repair Office (Garage) Roof
  134. Newbie to Ltd contracting - if you have salary at under £12k you are more likely to..
  135. Not paid HMRC or done any paperwork.. how screwed am I?
  136. Newbie - Do I really need PI/PL insurance
  137. Process for issuing new shares and alloting to another shareholder
  138. Payment from Outside EU into My Personal Account
  139. Contracting (LTD) vs. PAYE
  140. 5 Consecutive Days Holiday Per Year
  141. Travel expenses rail
  142. IR35 - Guilty as charged! - Updated May 2016 - NOT GUILTY!
  143. Closed company with bank funds confiscated!
  144. Hosting / SLA contract template?
  145. IR35 Advice
  146. Paying personal tax up front.
  147. Personal banking - are unused accounts good or bad?
  148. QDOS TLC35 & MVL - Renew or Not?
  149. Client - Anti-Bribery and Corruption certification
  150. Can I chase my umbrella companies' debt for them?
  151. Breaking the rules - How do people get away with it.
  152. For a friend - Been forced Permie to Contractor
  153. Selling laptop bought under flat rate scheme as it can't be returned
  154. Contracting without bank card/account
  155. Are Electronic Signatures legal in UK?
  156. Rented accommodation
  157. Run a Seychelles company from the UK?
  158. Finance Bill - Royal Ascent
  159. Call from Dynamic
  160. Letter - Cabinet Office requirements to confirm the tax arrangements of temp contract
  161. interested to hear your thoughts in switching back from Ltd to umbrella
  162. Lord Flight - Top Bloke
  163. What if i dont want to work extra time...
  164. Landed a 3-month contract - IR35 problem. How much £££ would I lose?
  165. Export to Alderney
  166. Business Bank Accounts
  167. Continuing to work for a Canadian company after returning to the UK
  168. Typical hourly rates for spouse as limited company admin
  169. Can accountants sign and file P11ds without my approval and signiture?
  170. short remote working contract - client in Italy
  171. Total shambles with VAT payments
  172. Bailing on contract early - payment with no signed timesheet
  173. New to self-assessment - question about Class 4 NI & service company question
  174. rental expense
  175. Used personal airmiles for business travel
  176. Flybe
  177. Training and tax position
  178. Contractor status question
  179. Tax deductibility of IR35 insurance, Jury service policies, etc
  180. HMRC are officially rubbish
  181. 2 year + contract in France - need advice
  182. Contracting ideas and recommendations
  183. HMRC - DCA recall unit?
  184. Online Tax Scams - Don't open the zip file!
  185. Oziegbe v HMRC
  186. Start permanent position while keeping employment with umbrella
  187. Is CUK advertising dodgy schemes again
  188. Do you know any company providing international/inheritance tax advice, accountancy?
  189. While waiting for VAT registration
  190. Best iPhone app for expense receipts?
  191. How to account for Student Loan when doing monthly accounts?
  192. Help with an agency 'onshore employment intermediaries: false self-employment' form
  193. Reasonable non-compete clause?
  194. First Payslip - PAYE Tax/NI Question..
  195. SJD - what are the best alternatives (apart from NW)?
  196. HSBC - be aware - international payment fees!
  197. Contracting in the USA
  198. Late interest charge format?
  199. Inheriting share of ltd company
  200. Working time directive nonsense from agency
  201. That initial interim period
  202. Cost effective way to shut down a recently set up LTD
  203. Sue agency for not having schedule of work signed off
  204. How do I notify HMRC about closing down business?
  205. Income Tax Query
  206. Notice periods
  207. Ultra-low-value freelance contracts through Ltd company?
  208. Taxable pay vs Total Gross
  209. Expat Contractor Advice
  210. Not traded for last financial year, but paid my self a salary
  211. Is a Pension really worth it?
  212. Sc clearance prerequisites
  213. Raising Invoice for a Date before Company was formed
  214. PAYE
  215. Repaying a directors loan
  216. Taking on a contract while working as a Permie
  217. Cost of Sales
  218. Member Voluntary Liquidation Costs and Timescale
  219. Contracting Overseas - Paid by UK Company
  220. Newbie questions
  221. Naturalisation in the UK / Getting a British Passport
  222. Do I have to use UK ltd/umbrella to get paid nowadays?
  223. Are client contributions towards travel expenses taxable?
  224. Closing my Ltd Company but carry on paying myself
  225. German taxman
  226. NW take home pay calculator
  227. New to VAT - Please advise
  228. Managing day to day travel expenses - what do you do?
  229. FRS VAT question related to paying for services
  230. Business Acc Cash over & above the 'slush fund'
  231. Chargeback and Section 75 claim
  232. HMRC Consulations - DOTAS
  233. Norris International
  234. Contract in Amsterdam: client to pay for flights, hotel, or both?
  235. Buying computer accessories on company account
  236. Core Hours ( Shift Work)
  237. Limited Company claiming expenses
  238. Director Loan repayment with Dividend Income - Tax implications
  239. Incorrect invoice
  240. Payments through Ldt company when contracting abroad
  241. distribution of dividends
  242. CBN Global v ContractorUmbrella
  243. My contract blown up and the agency is refusing to pay the notice
  244. Short-term contracting outside IR35
  245. Basic expense claiming
  246. Start-up first tax return
  247. My brother and I started contracting! Any advice re: Ltd company??
  248. Accidentally withdrew same expenses twice
  249. Private groups
  250. Start-up first year tax issues