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  1. Recommendation for accounting software (more than standard contractor)
  2. Credit card claim
  3. Posted worker clarity
  4. Taking a salary equal to lower earnings limit
  5. Do you provide for your pension and insurances ?
  6. unfair dismissal legal action
  7. Conflicting advice from accountant on PCP
  8. Delayed contract start due to incompetence of on-boarders - who foots the bill?
  9. FreeAgent - mileage tally
  10. HMRC VAT FRS Cockup
  11. Any recent experience with Yorkshire Bank Business accounts...??
  12. remote job for a US-based employer
  13. Ltd Insurances (PI, PL and EL)
  14. Company wants to pay me gross (£150k+)
  15. selling my company shares and closing shop, at least for a while
  16. Challenger business Bank
  17. Contract Extension - Company Registered Office
  18. New Tax Code
  19. Agency want a UTR number entering into their timesheet portal
  20. Open ended contract terms on IP
  21. Outside IR35 to Inside IR35 - Same Client
  22. Trivial Benefits
  23. Contract Terminated - Brand and Professional Skill Damage
  24. Deducting VAT as an expense
  25. Contractor limited company
  26. self employed and contracting at same time
  27. Accountant claiming tie in period
  28. O'Brien case
  29. invoice issue.
  30. Non compete clause after leaving as a contractor
  31. Director's loan timing in respect to SATR
  32. Transferwise Borderless Account
  33. Closing Ltd company
  34. FreeAgent - Expenses & Receipts
  35. Am I self-employed?
  36. Invoices - is a unique ref no essential?
  37. LTD Closure - most tax efficient way?
  38. How does \ should client determine a role is out of scope for IR35 determination?
  39. What date do you book VAT?
  40. Australia Resident to work for UK agency and UK Client
  41. Default Where to report Dividends when filing company accounts and tax return
  42. UK contractor in Belgium - VAT question
  43. Now show, zero VAT
  44. Working in the UK for a US company
  45. Volunteering at end of contract.
  46. Getting dividends with unpaid shares?
  47. Insurance cover
  48. Using PSC with inside IR35 PS contract
  49. Missing notice from agent
  50. Working in the middle east - personal or ltd co or combination of both
  51. Training - contract template
  52. Is there a public sector inside IR35 calculator?
  53. Div tax 2018
  54. Those that moved off FRS
  55. Contract terminated without reason
  56. Better way of doing expenses in foreign currency
  57. Reduce limited company expenses when no trading or inactive
  58. Declaring income
  59. HMRC Check Of VAT Return - Flat Rate Scheme
  60. Contracting under UK company for US Client - now becoming a US resident
  61. What to do with accounts, statements etc for company dissolved in 2009?
  62. IT contractor - but going PAYE under a family members company?
  63. Advice on UK contracting using offshore company with UK agency agreement
  64. When do hmrc time limits apply?
  65. Did I miss something on Entrepreneurs Relief?
  66. Nomisma
  67. Contracting in UK tax resident abroad.
  68. Is it easy to do your own payroll?
  69. HMRC confirmation of VAT change
  70. Leaving contracting - closing my Ltd company
  71. Whether to switch pension or not
  72. Ltd Company with 2 different activities
  73. Non-trading company, no employees - "scheduled charges", EPC
  74. Closed contract - new contractor at ex-client is umbrella worker
  75. Easy accounting question
  76. Monthly rate spread to account for VAT
  77. Company expense when bought outside UK
  78. Directors Loan to Buy another business
  79. Sponsorship / donations from Ltd Co
  80. Buying Shares via LTD Company
  81. Filing Confirmation Statement
  82. Working in the middle east ,tax issues
  83. Fiduciary Advance and IR35
  84. plug in hybrid car
  85. Not in any country for 183 days in a year - where can company be registered/tax paid?
  86. Flat Rate VAT Q1
  87. Inside IR35 and keeping company going - carrying forward losses?
  88. Apprentice levy - charged by umbrella?
  89. HMRC Filing P11Ds online -- what a bunch of incompetents
  90. Me loaning money to LTD CO
  91. Where is your company bank account registered
  92. Remote working
  93. Halifax Mortgage: Gap in employment
  94. HMRC 64-8 forms
  95. Claiming Further Education Costs
  96. Divorce and filling in form E
  97. Bank to receive euro payments
  98. Company credit cards
  99. US Citizen contracting in UK
  100. Mail scanning
  101. Reducing payments on account.
  102. notice period
  103. working abroad as travel agent
  104. Divs next year
  105. Insurance for US contract working in UK
  106. Keeping Track of it all
  107. What are my options??
  108. Second hand car through the company
  109. Sole director dies
  110. My accountant.!
  111. Short 5 week contract. Don't have company setup. What should I do?
  112. EU supplier for UK Limited Company
  113. IR35 Employer Pension Contributions
  114. Switch Accountant within Nixon Williams?
  115. HMRC Basic PAYE tool - Any one used this tool from HMRC.??
  116. Closing my company and drawing out the retained profits (and capital)
  117. FRS De-registration error
  118. copying existing work for another client
  119. Agency demands to go umbrella or VAT registered ltd, I don't want neither
  120. Flat rate VAT - anyone dropped out of it now?
  121. Company funds question
  122. tax efficient commercial vehicle (van) purchase?
  123. HMRC IR35 review service
  124. Training from client
  125. UK citizen returning to UK for contract seeks advice!
  126. Lease vs personal PCP and mileage
  127. Short term inside IR35 contract amidst outside IR35?
  128. Inside IR35 expenses vs reasonable adjustments for disability
  129. IR35 PS - Calculator for rate WITHOUT Employer NI
  130. MVL and IR35 Insurance
  131. Help - Contract Cancellation Query
  132. Only done one month IT contract but now going abroad for good.
  133. reclaiming vat pre registration on assetts already been written off in previous AIA
  134. change from standard vat to fixed rate quickly?
  135. SPV vs previous trading company for BTL
  136. VAT - Missing Trader
  137. Insurance - what and how much ?
  138. Agency asking for a 'declaration of compliance'
  139. Take home pay from £300/day?
  140. Nixon Williams
  141. Notice Period
  142. Legal Pension Payment to Temp Current Account ?
  143. Remote contract for Irish (RoI) client
  144. QDOS accounting service
  145. How was my day rate calculated??
  146. Buy-to-let via subsidairy spv
  147. Noob, working in Ireland, worried about Irish taxation.
  148. Entrepreneurs tax relief when emigrating
  149. Anyone used Begbies Traynor (AKA realbusinessrescue.co.uk) for liquidation?
  150. Bank statement as proof of travel
  151. LTD + SPV = what sort of accountant?
  152. Need good advice (tax advisor)
  153. Losses
  154. Limited company Mileage Accounting
  155. Do you know any accountant which includes sharedealing when preparing CT?
  156. Invoking the substitution clause
  157. Spouse should have been a shareholder, can Tax be claimed back from previous tax peri
  158. Accounting - Financial services - PI insurance
  159. Contracting in Ireland using UK Ltd Company
  160. All the insurance!
  161. Closing company (not the usual question)
  162. Looking for an Accountant in Edinburgh
  163. Recruitment agent non payment
  164. Retaining VAT Monies
  165. Advice for a short term gig in Germany
  166. Clarification of clause in my contract
  167. Having Estonian e-resident company and expensing my UK limited company
  168. Santander Business Cash Back Credit Card
  169. Can I pay my spouse/partner? The definitive answer.
  170. Business use of personal computing equipment on tax return
  171. Closing down ltd/starting up again
  172. Tax implications for payments received in non-GBP currencies in limited company
  173. First time contracting and inside IR35. What's my eventual take-home?
  174. £350/pd vs £75k p.a. permanent. Is it worth?
  175. I just need simple pension advice dammit
  176. Affordable accountants that can manage multiple business under one LC?
  177. Buying an ultra-low emission motorbike and BiK/Capital Allowances...
  178. Renting a Place near work & mileage expenses
  179. SIPP drawdown after lump sum
  180. US tax filing requirements for UK Ltd Company
  181. Legal advice
  182. Person of significant control. PSC
  183. Contract Renewal Refused After Initial Offer
  184. Nat West & FreeAgent
  185. How to claim cost of laptop on HMRC online corporation tax return/accounts submission
  186. Investing in crypto currencies via LTD company account??
  187. Tax on UK rent income for a non-UK resident
  188. Business between spouse's limited companies
  189. Full time contracting for US company - where do I stand?
  190. No Limited Company - No Contract
  191. Uk Ltd Company - Working in Italy - Sicily
  192. VAT Reclaim - FRS
  193. Have been asked to sign an NDA
  194. New IT Contractor - need advice regarding contract, insurance and IR35
  195. Closing company down & relocating to Spain - options
  196. Required documentation to legally split ordinary shares into Class A and Class B
  197. IP - Can I do what I want with it?
  198. Finance Bill 2018 - a couple of interesting points.
  199. Permie / Contractor Mortgage Joint Application
  200. Unfulfilled IT contract
  201. Inside IR35 and LTD company
  202. Question about income tax on dividends
  203. Industrial unit / office
  204. recovering lost funds
  205. Existing PAYE employee with second job. Conttact or PAYE ??
  206. Using LTD company as mortgage provider on personal buy to let
  207. Practicalities of self assessment
  208. Tax code 269L
  209. Ripped off by agency on the rate due to lies? what are my options?
  210. Dividend Tax/Payments on account/company not trading this year
  211. Registering Company Name that was previously dissolved
  212. Claiming Mileage Advice
  213. garden office through ltd, however now considering closing ltd
  214. IT one person Contract to Managed Service Contract
  215. Dealing with a Hong Kong company, do I need to worry about IR35 stuff?
  216. Car insurance when leasing a car through the company
  217. Private Sector and IR35 -Grrrrr
  218. Simon Dolan back in the game.
  219. Company paypal account
  220. Annual gift allowance
  221. Another Curve card post
  222. Portugal - Non habitual residents - remote working
  223. Ex-partner wants to register his business to my UK address
  224. Cancelled Flat VAT registration accountant company has not raised VAT invoice on work
  225. Advice on leaving 'Contractor Accounting Service'
  226. I need to start a Ltd company from abroad and need accountant support - any advices?
  227. Does a UK-issued EHIC apply abroad if working under UK limited company?
  228. Rolling director's loan with 31 day breaks in between
  229. Close one company and open another.
  230. I may have paid too much VAT, letter from HMRC
  231. Applying for permanent residence in the UK
  232. Film Investment schemes, again.
  233. IR35 Forum - July minutes
  234. Receipts
  235. Crunch accounting
  236. Contracting in Ireland - Where to Pay Tax in UK or Ireland or both?
  237. Tide Business Bank Account unable to accept international payments
  238. SA Immediate Payment Demand
  239. Expense receipt question
  240. Pension maxed out, where to invest surplus?
  241. HMRC Online services down since yesterday
  242. NixonWilliams contact email for complaint?
  243. Donations to charity - paying from company vs personal account
  244. Pension contributions from employer
  245. Help - travel (maximum hours) and work in one day...
  246. IR35 for IT contractors
  247. Business Saving Account & Cashplus Bank Account
  248. What is A Pay Between Assignments model in accordance with Regulation 10 of the AWR?
  249. resigning a directorship
  250. HSBC Business Banking WTF?