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  1. Is FreeAgent Right for me?
  2. Flat Rate Scheme for IT contractor?
  3. Expenses charging
  4. VAT - UK - Gibraltar - Consulting Services - Reverse Charge?
  5. One divided payment missed on 2015/2016 Self Assessment
  6. Using directors loan as cash advance for unpaid salary to reduce corporation tax?
  7. Revenue income below 35k - does it make sense to pay dividends?
  8. £160k pension contribution including previous three years: is this a problem?
  9. 24 month rule when I change my home location
  10. Leasing a performance hybrid car
  11. UTT : MSC Judgement - HMRC Win
  12. Managed Service Companies back in the news
  13. Accountancy co has charged my company for incentive vouchers for joining them
  14. Legal Question
  15. Tax payments
  16. Clearsky Opinions
  17. Contract Clauses - Not sure what they mean
  18. Mortgage Advice Required
  19. Simple Pension Question (SIPP)
  20. Making a comeback from an MVL
  21. Company close down (via MVL) and moving into permanent role
  22. Contractor vs Permie Comparison spreadsheet
  23. Company Refusing to Sign Off Timesheet!
  24. business saving account feedback
  25. Top-up NICs years
  26. Agency requesting ID for a Ltd company employee
  27. Hi everyone, need a little ir35 help and explanation please!
  28. advice please - UK self employed just moved to brussels
  29. Closing Ltd Co and IOM Tax
  30. UK Ltd Company narrating audio books through ACX. IRS. EINS and Form 1120F
  31. Determining Tax Location .. too many variables
  32. Private sector IR35 reforms set for April 2019, infers latest HMRC Forum minutes
  33. Ltd corp tax rollover/reclaim over multiple accountancy years
  34. Charging VAT exempt client for kit bought in UK
  35. Consultant to Contractor - Restrictive Covenants?
  36. Working Abroad but also having contracting work from the UK
  37. DBS
  38. Limited Company purchasing motorbike as an investment
  39. Another complicated working abroad and at home query
  40. Income tax: Erosion of Personal Allowance for incomes over £100k
  41. Part time contracting accountancy costs?
  42. Claimable expenditure - working in London and home in Germany
  43. Leaving inTouch
  44. First time renter in London
  45. Recommend me an Accountant - SJD
  46. Accountant has messed up Director's NI - help please on implications!
  47. Invoices For Expenses When Inside IR35
  48. Entrepreneur's Relief Section 169M TCGA 1992 form
  49. HMRC wins first IR35 case in 9 years
  50. Sub contracted for over 2 years to local authority.
  51. Unpaid dues from an insolvent company
  52. childcare costs
  53. European VIES VAT HELP..
  54. Complicated Contract Setup
  55. Continuing insurance cover after the contract
  56. Company Pension Contributions From Retained Funds Rather Then This Years Profits
  57. HMRC saying I have NI to pay at <£5000, but I'm on Directors cumulative method?
  58. Taking money out of my company
  59. IR35 - We passed the CEST tool test too easily ???
  60. Contracting in EU using Estonia's E-Residency
  61. Clearsky, Parasol, SJD & Nixon Williams (Optionis) For Sale at £300m !!
  62. British citizen working from USA for UK Ltd company, whilst EAD is applied for
  63. Deferring dividends + Changing tax residency
  64. What can you still offset against income for BTL tax purposes?
  65. How to process payment of IR35 contracts
  66. Split Year Taxation
  67. Mistakenly entered net wages instead of dividends in payment reference
  68. Do I need "right to work" visa if I work on UK contract from home in Switzerland?
  69. US tax preparation a business expense?
  70. Non UK company contract with a UK agency for work done outside of the UK
  71. IR35 - Contracts for government and private during the same tax year
  72. Company address the same as trading address?
  73. Withdraw from a contract
  74. Guide to Expenses and Benefits 2018
  75. Basics please help a newbie
  76. Setting up a limited company for contract work
  77. AWS VAT Registration
  78. IR35 Salary Calculations
  79. Annual Investment Allowance
  80. New client screening check - employee looking forms
  81. Agile, Scrum, Kanban & IR35
  82. Free Agent, FRS and £2k+ purchases
  83. IR35, right of substitution vs subcontracting, and the GDPR
  84. Coming back to contracting after 23 months
  85. Paying HMRC with a Business Charge Card
  86. Adding a shareholder
  87. Selling Ltd and Enterpreneurs' Relief
  88. Advice needed for contracting holidays
  89. Dividends tax, living outside of the UK?
  90. Contractor mortgage advice
  91. Partnership and Accountants
  92. QDOS discount / referral
  93. Choosing an IFA
  94. International Tax queries: MVL, Enterpreneur's tax relief and moving abroad
  95. Closing UK limited company from outside UK?
  96. Sub Contractor/Employed
  97. Going Direct
  98. UK national working as a Ltd Co. with US client
  99. Do I need to pay myself a wage initially?
  100. Cash ISA
  101. Contracting in the UK for US agency
  102. Finding an accountant
  103. Childcare voucher scheme providers fees
  104. Hybrid car under company
  105. Tax benefits of a Ltd Company VS self employed
  106. Bankruptcy / IR35 / 2019 LC
  107. Mandatory holiday for limited company contractors - British Law
  108. Stipulation on the work I am doing during my contract.
  109. Mortgage Advice - First Time Buyer (shall I use Broadbench?)
  110. Appointment of a New Ltd Co Director
  111. Computer Glasses
  112. April 2019 IR35 and backdating of tax
  113. International Contracts tax Liability - Help please
  114. Can Tax Free Dividends be paid to a Full-Time worker in UK!!
  115. Director of Ltd company contributing pension
  116. Ouch, last minute PI Insurance and North American client
  117. UK sales manager of Cyprus company
  118. What is the deadline to pay a dividend for the current tax year?
  119. Lease Cars Business vs. Personal (Yes, Again!)
  120. ICO - are you registered?
  121. Spring Statement 2018 - Like to hear the feedback from the contractors.
  122. Pension Fees Question
  123. TransferWise as my business account?
  124. The Right Way to Invoice for Expenses
  125. Trivial Benefit: any rule to prevent *any* small expense upto £50 being tax-exempt?
  126. Hirer wanting to change part way through contract!
  127. Returning as a contractor
  128. Becoming a contractor - mortgage help
  129. Entrepreneurs relief for one retiring director
  130. perm via forced redundancy to contract M-F with change in hours
  131. Terminate contract prematurely to support IR35 potential case?
  132. Changing from a pseudo contractor to a real one
  133. Self producing year end accounts
  134. Closing LTD company - Tax efficiently
  135. IR35 in reality
  136. GDPR written consent requirements
  137. How do you record mileage?
  138. Take-homes up from April
  139. Making Partner a Director and Shareholder
  140. Pension Contributions and CT relief
  141. Director's loan to buy a cheap(ish) car
  142. She's in a mess - dissolved company NHS contractor
  143. Day Rate Reduction
  144. looking for help with companies house accounts for micro entity
  145. Dormant company status for HMRC
  146. business trip abroad - staying over the weekend makes it cheaper
  147. Expenses question
  148. Opt-in - Agent Tricks?
  149. Cash offer received for Freeagent
  150. LTD company struck off - Bank account seized
  151. IR35 fast track catch up
  152. FYI: Sneaky fee increase by SJD
  153. Expencing business equipment via Umbrella company or Ltd?
  154. Relocation costs
  155. Mortgage based on contract rate while using umbrella
  156. How much to pay onesself
  157. Stamp Duty Second Purchase - Exemption
  158. Breach of clause "contractor cannot use subcontractors"
  159. Do you opt-out?
  160. VAT Registration
  161. Section 29 Assessment Enquiry has turned up
  162. Year End Date Change
  163. R&D credit, selling option on the product
  164. Starling bank business current account
  165. Claiming VAT Back on Accountancy Charges
  166. Share splitting with non-married Partner
  167. Redudancy payment via Umbrella that is closing down
  168. Mortgage Offer - offset fixed/tracker
  169. Agency does not want invoice. I must fill out their timesheet in order to get paid.
  170. Contracting through UK Ltd resident in Spain
  171. Limosa Declaration - Help Needed
  172. SIPP and SS ISA sanity check
  173. Do I pay tax on the income of my stocks & shares ISA when I move abroad?
  174. Can Free Agent users see your current CT liability
  175. IFA Recommendations (Pension Advice)
  176. HMRC's IR35 calculator spreadsheet - not updated for 2017/18 - why?
  177. Client wants to pay for hotel
  178. 40% rule. 40% of what?
  179. Termination, please advise
  180. Restrictive Covenant
  181. Taking first dividends
  182. Paying dividend for 2017/2018 after tax year end has passed
  183. Contracting in Norway
  184. FSCS - Business vs Personal bank account protection
  185. Limited Co to Umbrella
  186. Cash-basis of umbrella costing Tax-Free income
  187. VAT only invoice clarification
  188. Personal Side Gig, need a TV, can I claim on my business
  189. Reduced rate VAT on renovation via Ltd?
  190. Moving to Ireland - keeping my UK job
  191. ER and TAAR - it's just more ambiguity from HMRC
  192. Looking for data only SIM
  193. Using a limited company simply to spread out wages
  194. Double Taxation issue Belgium / Germany
  195. anyone used 3 wise bears
  196. Pension lump sum
  197. Company Dissolved - Still need IR35 insurance?
  198. LTD Company dates
  199. These guys are offering 90% take home.
  200. Contracting for a UK company in Portugal
  201. 2019 Loan Charge Petition Parliament
  202. Pension Payment: Missed year end deadline
  203. English Ltd Co contractor working in Scotland?
  204. Can my company reimburse a charitable donation?
  205. Tailored Accounting - Dodgy tax evasion scheme?
  206. Your Ltd. company - SCENARIO 1 ways to optimize tax on payout dividends through ISA?
  207. Your Ltd. company - SCENARIO 2 Investing your Ltd. company money into shares, etc?
  208. IR35 discussed on Matthew Wright today - will give everyone on here a laugh...
  209. Switching From Contracting To PAYE - Dividend Tax
  210. Company digital files on my personal computer?
  211. Restrictive Covenant - Agency & Public Sector Client - Procurement Contract Expired
  212. Best business bank - Freeagent compatible - Leaving TSB
  213. Estate Agent Contract Wording
  214. Is GDPR training necessary for IT contractors?
  215. Agency refusing to pay correct rate - are terms contract lock in terms enforcable
  216. Expenses - laptop purchase leave abroad
  217. One-off review accountant reccomendations
  218. xero or freeagent?
  219. Business Banking - local branch management
  220. Director loan...help!
  221. A question to accountants
  222. Petition sign here -Stop the Loan Charge 2019 from being applied retrospectively
  223. Help - Client won't pay Umbrella company and umbrella company won't pay me
  224. Contract Terminated without notice
  225. Debt recovery - overseas client
  226. VAT on overseas contracts
  227. Anyone used Frost Group for MVL?
  228. FreeAgent and existing invoices
  229. Gave in notice. Client wants me to leave one week early
  230. Buying a NAS as a business expenses?
  231. Long term contract in Hungary or work as a permanent employee?
  232. Contract job offer withdrawn after it was accepted
  233. Can a judge turn down an agreed Consent Order when applying for a divorce?
  234. Moving to Jersey
  235. Contract with HMRC, inside IR35 - anyone know how it will work please?
  236. Is it possible to get Personal sim only plans registered in Ltd Co name?
  237. Working in Ireland through US client
  238. "In the UK, daily rates quote include VAT"
  239. Another contractor IR35 win
  240. Government to consult on tax avoidance in the private sector
  241. Business entertaining or expense
  242. Pickup through Ltd company
  243. Telegraph: Self-employed workers who are paid through companies could be hit by a new
  244. UK company and Portuguese tax residency (NHR)
  245. Child maintenance through dividends?
  246. Loan Deed Ltd company
  247. Simplest use of a LTD company
  248. Qdos Contractor Survey
  249. Legal Support Recommendation
  250. Retaining more than £25k dividends in business account