View Full Version : Agents receiving confirmations of schemes

Fred Flinstone
10th October 2014, 16:01
I remember some of the agents I worked through would not deal with offshore companies and any of the currency or lain schemes. Some did after they had clarification of the scheme. Now I am not sure if that would have come from the scheme provider, their tax counsel or you know who themselves.
My agent was sure they asked for and received clarification on the legality of the scheme before allowing us to use it and agreeing to the contract. As soon as they got another letter in December 2007 I believe all of a sudden no contractors with them were able to use EBT schemes of any kind.
Unfortunately she doesn't work for them any more but as there are obviously a lot of us on here maybe someone's agent has kept the correspondence to cover their own a$$.
I am chasing mine, has to be worth a try right?