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16th December 2014, 17:20
Quite a few of us have been through the mill with the stress of DOTAS registered EBTs.
The new round of HMRC letters appear to relate to DOTAS and non DOTAS schemes. Whichever - there is an awful lot of them.

When I cast my mind back to a similar flurry of HMRC activity relating to EBTs I remember, with fondness, the large amount of posters from professionals (accountants mainly) who appeared on the forum offering advice and delivering portents of dooooooom. They usually pointed out that early settlement would get you the best terms and that, for a small (ish) fee, they would be prepared to help such a deal be reached. Of course HMRC do not negotiate.

Whilst their services are no doubt of great use to one and all, I just thought this thread may give us an opportunity to comment on the good and the bad. This is not a pop at anyone in particular - I just think that some recommendations might not go amiss.

16th December 2014, 18:12
There are no good ones.

16th December 2014, 19:41
Your thread wouldn't have anything to do with a certain advisor who has just resurfaced would it? :laugh