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2nd January 2015, 10:38
Before Swine:


I like the crocs.:smokin

2nd January 2015, 11:34
I saw a crocodile the other day:


Wiki Linky (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crocodile_%28locomotive%29)

My sighting was at the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne. The placard about the loco said this:

A milestone in Swiss mechanical engineering

Electric freight locomotive Be 6/811 No 13254 Crocodile! Swiss Federal Railways CFF 1920

The brilliant idea behind the Crocodile was to mount the transformer, which was the heaviest single item of the electric equipment, on a girder underframe, which was in turn supported by the two articulated end-chassis. This made it extremely flexible on curves. This construction principle was copied all over the world, and the SLM was able to export similar engines to countries as remote as India.

MFOSLM 126t 2700kW 75km/h restoration by Swiss Federal Railways CFF in operation 1920-1982

In1926,the SLM exported Crocodile locomotives to India