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3rd January 2015, 15:49
Have a Macbook Air (not mine) with Office 2011 installed (Word, Excel, Powerpoint,Outlook)

I need to remove the Outlook currently installed and then install another copy of Outlook that is licensed (all legit and above board)

How does one remove programs from a Mac - well, just part of office on a mac - all I can find online is "drag and drop to the trash" - doesn't sound right to me

3rd January 2015, 15:53
I'm not a expert - but having had a couple of mac for a couple of years, I don't think OSx has an equivalent of the Windows registry. You just drag the app to the trash and you somehow have to know if there are config files stashed somewhere under /Library etc etc.

For that reason, I like using homebrew to install all of my developer stuff.

3rd January 2015, 16:28
Yes drop in trash - there'll still be bits of it left but there are apps that will tidy up properly - I thing TidyUp is one of them too!