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14th June 2005, 18:43
Buy-to-let property exchange launched

Press Association
Tuesday June 14, 2005

The UK's first property exchange was launched today enabling investors to buy and sell shares in individual houses.

Opromark aims to make the buy-to-let market more accessible to people, with minimum investments in property starting at just £1.

The exhange will work in the same way as a stock exchange, allowing people to buy up to 100% of shares in any property sold through the exchange.

The property will then be rented out by a letting company and investors will split the rental income, minus fees, according to the proportion of the property they own.

When people want to end their investment they simply resell their shares through the exchange. The share price will have gone up if the property is considered to have risen in value.

There are currently 18 properties available through the exchange and the group expects the number to increase substantially in the coming months.

The exchange currently only offers residential properties in the UK, but it hopes to expand to include commercial property and overseas residential property in future.

Chief executive Stephen Kenny, who helped set up betting exchange Betfair, said: "The benefits of investing in the buy-to-let market have been well documented over recent years and yet this is an asset class that remains inaccessible to most.

"Opromark opens up the buy-to-let market to a broader range of investors, including those struggling to get on the housing ladder, by making the minimum investment £1 and ensuring that investors can diversify their investment cost effectively across a range of residential properties."

When a property is first introduced to the exchange, people can view its details, including an independent survey, valuation and searches, and analyse the performance of comparable properties to decide whether they want to invest in it.

Investment in individual properties is restricted to 10% of the available shares. If someone exceeds this level they have to make an offer for all the remaining shares in the property.

Stamp duty will have to be paid on any properties bought through the exchange, but the group said it was currently trying to limit properties at below the £120,000 threshold. Stamp duty is due on properties valued above the threshold, which was raised from £60,000 in the last budget.

Membership of the exchange is free, but Opromark charges people a trading fee depending on the size of their investment, ranging from 3% for investments of up to £3,000 to 0.5% for ones over £250,000.

14th June 2005, 19:47
Nice idea.

14th June 2005, 21:40
Nice idea, but I smell a con.

14th June 2005, 21:42
Yes so do I.


14th June 2005, 21:43
All pyramids or asset speculations crash after they run out of suckers who want to play the game. People can't afford buying complete houses now, so Govt wants to help part buy / part rent them (what a fecked up concept), and now this allows any sucker with a few quid to take part in the game.

Its not going to end well.

IR35 Avoider
15th June 2005, 13:09
Haven't looked at this, but in the near future REITs will be available, i.e. tradeable shares in funds directly invested in property, and the funds don't have to pay corporation tax. (You will have to pay tax at your own rate on dividends you receive.)

Can't see what the point of this site will be then. (REITS will be regulated, probably can be held with an ISA or a pension, and so on.)

IR35 Avoider
15th June 2005, 13:13
Chief executive Stephen Kenny, who helped set up betting exchange Betfair

... I'm a big admirer of Betfair, so his involvement adds credibility, but I still can't see why this is going to be better than investing in a REIT... (in fact I would imagine REIT charges will be lower.)

Mr UK Bean
15th June 2005, 18:33
Investing in property Yes but not in the UK as it’s crashing as we speak !

First time buyers now only make up 10% of the market and buy-to-let’s only return about 5%

It’s a no brainer. Bust follows boom like night follow day or have you forgot the Dot.Con