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15th June 2005, 15:32
I have reached the end of my tether. Is there no meaning to life ? Can someone here show me the way ? Can anyone suggest a path of enlightenment ? I want to open my eyes, and go on a voyage of self-discovery. I need to find like-minded people, people at a crossroads who are looking for the right path. If only there were some way I could achieve this goal I believe my life would be fulfilled. If only there was a way, what am I to do ? How can I find help ?

15th June 2005, 15:35
Cue Chico.

15th June 2005, 15:39
I'll be in the Cap and Stocking later if you fancy a snifter - that's where I usually find enlightenment. Avoid the cheeseburgers, though...

15th June 2005, 15:39
Try my new Omega course. It involves a weekend retreat of debauchery with booze, whores and rock and roll. Send me a blank cheque.

Oh and you get to learn why Hitler was a humanist.

15th June 2005, 16:13
It's your life, it's up to you.
You could go and live in a cave in tibet, but I doubt you'll find enlightenment. You could join any one of a number of religious cults, but I doubt you'll find enlightenment. You could eat the gun, but I doubt you'd find enlightenment.
I do have a revelation for you, if you're interested, and you don't have to pray, don't have to give me your money, don't have to live your life to someone else's specification.
The real big true secret about finding the meaning to life is that there isn;t one. The right chemical soup, a spark of electricity and vroom, a couple of million years later we've got loonies telling you that god made the world, we've got democracy, we've got aids, we've got.......
Grow up, it's your life, you're the only one responsible for you.

15th June 2005, 16:33
> I want to open my eyes, and go on a voyage of self-discovery

In the latest RS Components catalog I received last week there's a wonderful little miniature 2mm camera on the end of a 50 foot wire.

It's intended for checking blocked drains and badger sets and suchlike. But you could swallow it and monitor its progress on your PC and discover yourself as you never have before.

15th June 2005, 16:40
Wouldn't the stomach acid cause problems? What about lighting?