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mr blobby
13th June 2005, 16:25
Anyone texted in for Live8 tickets.

Or more importantly, has anyone heard whether they have got any tickets ??

13th June 2005, 17:30


13th June 2005, 19:25
Dunno. What ancient groups are getting back together, long forgotten stars making a comeback for this one? I reckon that Irish Boomtown ratty person whose name I forget is really just running a sort of agency for rock has-beens. Any chance of the great PJ Proby turning up? I might go.

13th June 2005, 21:16
I've got mine! Seen some on eBay already for many hundreds, but I'm a contractor so I don't need to be so devoid of morals.

14th June 2005, 14:17
ebay bids now £10.000,000+

seems like the trolls are out and about

14th June 2005, 14:23
I don't see how selling your ticket is devoid of morals. If somebody is desperate to go and is prepared to offer you a lot of cash, then why is it wrong to accept?

Personally if somebody offered me £1000 then I'd flog my tickets. Unfortunately I don't have any, so I cannot.

mr blobby
14th June 2005, 14:27
The best one I've seen on eBay is someone selling 250 entries at £4.50 each into a draw for a pair of tickets.

250 people each pay £4.50, then they will presumably get an email in a couple of days time informing them that they didn't win the draw.

Result for the seller who gets 250 lots of £4.50 and keeps the Live8 tickets !!!