View Full Version : Anyone been lapdancing recently?

13th June 2005, 15:33
Just thought I'd start an interesting topic to counteract the dullness of the Chic London thread.

In fact maybe Chico is a fan?

Anyway, back to the topic. Are they still popping up in every provincial town like mobile phone shops? And do they keep their undies on in your local?

13th June 2005, 15:35
Yes in the "Pubic Triangle" in Edinburgh recently - not too impressive:(

She did keep her undies on. Don't see the point myself.

Can't beat the dodgy London ones in my opinion.

Lucifer Box
13th June 2005, 15:38
Just thought I'd start an interesting topic to counteract the dullness of the Chic London thread
Praise de Lawd!

13th June 2005, 15:44

Went on stag to Edinboro' recently. I have to agree the quallity of the performers left something to be desired :( compared to places like Metropolis, etc. in London.

In fact one place we went they were on strike - just sitting around on stage - full clothed !!

13th June 2005, 15:47
Can't beat the dodgy London ones in my opinion.

Nope, but if you pay them enough, they'll beat you! :eek

13th June 2005, 15:50
Warsaw. Very cheap and very physical. So I've heard. :p

David Contractor Jr
13th June 2005, 15:51
Who said lapdancing club?
You have an expert in front of you. I know most of them in the US and in China now. Just ask me the entrance prices. Speaking from someone with great experience London is the dullest place on earth for tittie bars and most not all of them are ugly.

My typical night involves driving my sports car up to town and pakring it right in front of the door man. I am wearing a silk boss shirt with my Gucci shoes. The hairs on my chest are showing. My medallion is sparkling. I walk up to the girl at the door of the nightclub and tell her it's her lucky night and give her a little wink. She give me a smile back and looks at my crotch..... It all ends with another notch on the bedpost..

13th June 2005, 15:52

The tips were rubbish though so I have gone back to Unix SA contracting.

Lucifer Box
13th June 2005, 15:52
Yet again it's that 30 minute gap between DCJ getting home from school and his mum getting back from Sasguru's. Hurry up on that PC, she'll be back in 5 minutes and will be cross if you haven't started your homework.

13th June 2005, 15:53
DCJ, a 12 year-old lapdance expert!!!

PMSL @ DCJ!!!!!!!!

Best one I've heard all day!

13th June 2005, 15:54
It all ends with another notch on the bedpost..
You keeping a record of all your wet dreams young David? Might need a bigger bedpost the rate your imagination is expanding.

13th June 2005, 15:57
Your mum's left me in a sweat DCJ - get off the PC, she'll be back home soon. BTW if she's walking funny, don't worry - the pain in her backside will go eventually ...

13th June 2005, 15:59
DCJ - tell us more. :rollin

(Apologies for the rollin)

13th June 2005, 16:16
The Jaguar Bar in Prague. £3 to get in.
£2 large beer.
Nice girls. Private dance £15

For afters go to Sex City (number 5 tram) £20 half hour anything goes.:p

13th June 2005, 16:38
Any tips for Amsterdam, off on stag doo in a couple of weeks ?

13th June 2005, 16:40
Try the free food in the Banana bar. get there early for the best seats:eek

13th June 2005, 16:44
The Olde Northwood in Pinner, West London

Nothing to get in
Normal pub prices
Excellent pint of Guinness
£1 in the jar and a tenner for a "private" dance

The place has a couple a girls per evening (till 10pm), granted there is the odd rough looker but on the whole the place hosts a large number of gorgeous Brazillians (oo err missis)

These girls leave nothing to the imagination !

Highly recommended !

13th June 2005, 16:49
The Olde Northwood

I used to live round the corner when it was the Iron Bridge/Clifton. A good few years ago mind. When did it become a 'cultural' pub? :b

13th June 2005, 17:21
I have frequented the Olde Northwood for the past 3-4 years and it was "cultural" on my very first visit (which is the one and only reason we decided to go there !!)

13th June 2005, 17:22
Yes and it's very tiring I can tell you.

I wish those filthy pervs would keep their hands off the goods so to speak, but hey, it's a living.

13th June 2005, 18:19
There used to be one in Uxbridge. Thankfully it has closed down now and so will not be getting any of my cash. Shame they are not tax deductible.

14th June 2005, 11:37
then there is the black horse, in EC1 London, £1 in the jar, all hands any toys, then just £10 for anything goes! :hat

14th June 2005, 12:38
TonyE - you were an occasional Woolpacker weren't you?

14th June 2005, 14:13
"TonyE - you were an occasional Woolpacker weren't you? "

Is that the dodgy horbble coloured pub in the middle of nowhere? I have driven past but never been in. Is it any good. It looks like it is the sort of place where the girls would be your mums age. I'm not paying good money to some ropey slapper who lifts her skirt to flash her jugs.