View Full Version : Reinstalling Windows 8 in Parallels.

28th March 2015, 15:55
I've corrupted my Windows 8 updates in Parallels and get nothing but the black screen of death come up.

I can't repair itas I can't swap the boot up option to CD/DVD. My next step is to just uninstall and install Windows 8.

I've backed up but is there anything to do before I hit the uninstall button?

29th March 2015, 10:49
I don't know if you have already started, but in Parallels there is an option to set your boot disc. Linky (http://download.parallels.com/desktop/v4/docs/en/Parallels_Desktop_Users_Guide/22237.htm)

29th March 2015, 11:43
The only important thing I can think of is back-ups. If you have no use in backing up, recover more data, because you already have everything backed up (kudos), then you should be fine just reinstalling.

31st March 2015, 19:24
Cojak, did you get everything sorted OK?

31st March 2015, 22:33
Oh, yes I did thanks Netraider. I gave up in the end and just removed the VM and installed another one.

A bit of a pain but it gave me a clean sheet to work with.

1st April 2015, 08:08
Did you totally remove the VM? There is a way to mount virtual drives from old VMs into new ones.