View Full Version : APN Withdrawn

14th May 2015, 21:41
How excited was i when I saw that on letter received... only to see re-re-assessment on the next page with a new value (good news is that it's £5,000 lower)

Fair play, they do say that they were sorry for any inconvenience caused - c**ts

The re-assessment is due to the original assessment having the same "plus Benefits and expenses received" on BOTH sides of the calculation.
I always thought this was wrong as they were indicating that I was still getting the benefit as well as converting loans to income.

So £12K all assessed at 40% removed from the right-hand side of the assessment saves about £5K.

I urge everyone to re-check their assessments.

Good job I never settled at any stage - doubt I'd see any of that £5K coming back to me.

If you have paid - good luck in getting this back.