View Full Version : A shared photo album for non-techies

18th May 2015, 12:25
I was recently in an "amateur theatre production" and many of us took photos. NLYUK and AndyW's mum were involved.

I wanted to set up a way we can all see each others' photos easily.

It's also a requirement that this isn't publicly visible, i.e. the police cannot see them.

Any suggestions please?

18th May 2015, 12:36
You could use an image hosting site like Photobucket and have password protected albums, pretty lo-fi but also no effort or techie knowledge required

18th May 2015, 12:40
Well this thread thoroughly confused me a for a few moments :)

18th May 2015, 12:50
Dropbox shared photos folder?

18th May 2015, 13:04
Dropbox shared photos folder?

Will that be too complex for NLYUK?

18th May 2015, 13:21
Will that be too complex for NLYUK?

no she is used to dropping things in her Box.