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10th June 2005, 17:09
I am currently debating entering into contracting world and just wondered what the contract to contractor ratio is like. I consider myself fairly clued up in a variety of areas, mostly to do with Networks and most things Microsoft. Browsing through the contract search I have noticed many good contracts to apply for. But before I jump ship from my current Permie job I was just wondering how often current semi-good contractors struggle to get contracts. Is there a high demand, specificly outside London and preferably up North of England for contractors.

cheers for help


10th June 2005, 17:24
UK demand is low atm, expecially in London. Many more opportunities exist overseas.. Switzerland, France, Holland, ..Wales :)

I've only just got back on the game after 4 months in the bush :hat

11th June 2005, 20:29
are you sure about that ?
i tought UK was better than the rest, i have more enquiries for uk positions.

11th June 2005, 20:49
Don't go to Wales.

They're cannibals.

12th June 2005, 11:10
Don't go to Wales.

They're cannibals.

Hmm, strange, that's exactly what the Welsh say about Bristol....

12th June 2005, 21:13
UK has been quiet since about January. Brief burst of UK calls just recently but have jumped ship now and started a contract in Amsterdam.

Anyone else out here in AMS??

13th June 2005, 12:24
I think you'll find demand and supply change very quickly these days and hence the rates are up and down like a yoyo also. There are more jobs but a hell of a lot more contractors than pre Y2K. In 10+ years I've had a 3 month wait ( xmas until new tax year a few years back, usually a bad spell to be out of work in my experience, were there was maybe half a dozen jobs on offer for my skill with many dozens looking, rates fell sharply, low experience people had no chance and I think some must of been out of work for a long time ). Otherwise I've always found work within a month and a few times within the day. I'd give myself a month in the current market if I wasn't too fussy.

Mr UK Bean
13th June 2005, 20:22
I’ve been looking for a job and since I now live in Belgium then Amsterdam would suite me just fine

Think if I knew a bit of Dutch I could find work in Europe easier then I could in the UK

13th June 2005, 20:25

I've only just got back on the game

You'll be off to Amsterdam too, then ;)