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5th June 2015, 09:02
Doctors pluck worm from boy (http://www.foxnews.com/health/2015/06/04/doctors-pluck-worm-from-boys-eye-by-luring-it-with-basil-leaves/)

Truly repulsive.

For dear old departed & unlamented Freako, this story relates to a worm that was inhabiting a young lad's eye which was extracted (the worm, not the eye) with basil (yes, my little piranha fish) leaves and a pair of tweezers.

5th June 2015, 09:08
LiveLeak.com - Worms are eating this woman alive (http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4e4_1433251860)

5th June 2015, 18:31
In both cases they seem to be maggots, not worms.

A very serious case of flystrike, in the case of the poor woman. :puke:

5th June 2015, 22:36
If I was infested with worms I would have a serious ethical problem. Should I try and save myself or consider the rights of those poor little worms?

5th June 2015, 22:37
PS Z who is this Freako?

6th June 2015, 06:05
PS Z who is this Freako?


Dear old Freako is Freako el Curare or somesuch.

He/she/it whined about not being able to see some site or other that I'd posted, so I decided to put a little precis on each & ever such thread that I created just to shut the mother****er up, like.

Not that I was in any way irritated of course.:devil:mad::mad

To whit, this twat:

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It all started here: