View Full Version : Who's got the heating on - part 2

11th June 2015, 22:10
In the thread a few days I said I hadn't had the heating on in about 2 months. I can see why.

It's chilly outside, 15' according to local weather site and I only closed the windows when it was feeling cool. Yet now it's 22' downstairs, 24' in the bedroom, 24.5' up here in my office. A few lights, TV and a computer can't generate such heat surely. Where is it coming from?

Getting spooky.

12th June 2015, 06:24
was baking in ours last night

even at 11pm it was really hot, figured our why as i went

18 month old daughter and been playing with the thermostat and turn the heating on full blast

kids eh :devil