View Full Version : Wolf to sheep and back to wolf?

12th June 2015, 10:26
News this week that Baker Tilly which acquired parts of RSM Tenon when the latter fell into problems, is now to reactivate the RSM brand and trade under that name.

RSM Tenon was I believe the owner of Premier Strategies which ran a series of contractor schemes before the plug was pulled.

Whilst I don't have the inside story on which bits Baker Tilly may have cherry picked out of RSM Tenon, I believe that the contractor material was left alone. I think others who use this forum may have more information on this.

So, when you see the new logo and name don't get confused and think that they have been reincarnated and might be a source of asssitance.

12th June 2015, 11:51
RSM Tenon also managed the Edge EBT, for what it's worth.