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12th June 2015, 12:34
As a fan of the walking dead and being a web dev by trade, I have knocked up a little kill stat tracking site.

If your interested in the show or interested in animated graphs/charts, feel free to take a look.

All developed in ASP.NET MVC with various javascript bits and pieces.

Its not 100% finished yet and there will be some bugs but feel free to take a look.

Any comments/criticism welcome.

Ps. Best on desktop or iPad, it is usable on phones but not the best.

Walking Dead Kills Home (http://www.walkingdeadkills.com)

12th June 2015, 13:07
what are other kills? clicky to explanation?

red and off red too close for the walker / human kill series. Use Purple / black for walkers as that is the blood colour.

12th June 2015, 13:53
Changing the colors are top of my list.
The other kills are animals ect. I need to reword that i think.

Gumbo Robot
12th June 2015, 15:03
Did you get bootstrap working in <IE9 using respond.js?

13th June 2015, 18:57
No it's just using modernizer and selective Css depending on browser and screen size.

15th June 2015, 08:52
Well I had 600 views over the weekend and 30 of them were from here. ;)

15th June 2015, 09:18
Well I had 600 views over the weekend and 30 of them were from here. ;)


why is the favicon a skull && crossbones but the menu walker heads?

also in Characters 'Alexandria Safe Zone Survivor' option seems to fail.

15th June 2015, 10:48
Cheers I forgot about the favicon. Will take at look at that bug later.

18th June 2015, 11:41
Fixed the colors and favicon ;)