View Full Version : The wages of sin are...

13th June 2015, 16:50
... about £60million it seems.

Revealed: Tony Blair worth a staggering £60m - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/tony-blair/11670425/Revealed-Tony-Blair-worth-a-staggering-60m.html)

Doggy Styles
13th June 2015, 17:10
Invading Iraq - disastrous.
Running up a deficit in times of growth - disastrous.
Dissolving UK immigration and border controls - disastrous.
Middle east envoy making relations worse than when he started - disastrous

Who is paying him all this money, and for what? The man is a complete and utter c***.

13th June 2015, 17:30
I can't say that I'm the slightest bit surprised he's skimmed that much cash.

13th June 2015, 20:23

His sociopathic tendencies were noted in 1997, yet this 'advert' was banned. I could see at that time he was a remorseless unemotional dysfunctional shite. When Diana died and he had to get Campbell to write his 'off the cuff' speech that only cemented my view.

I was too young to vote for Thatcher but would consider myself a Thatcherite. If people find that out in polite social conversation and make a point of attack on it I like to ask them if they voted for Blairs' Labour. That always shuts them up.

Zero Liability
13th June 2015, 20:48
And to top it all off, he was followed by another sociopath/narcissist, Brown.

13th June 2015, 21:20

Yeah like vote for me, I'm a decent human being, you can see that.....:devil

13th June 2015, 21:27
aaaahrrh, look away, look away!!

13th June 2015, 21:34
I used to know this guy ( who took a lot of drugs ) who said if you can see the whites of someone's eyes underneath their pupils they are spiritually unwell.

Maybe he was right.

14th June 2015, 05:16
And to top it all off, he was followed by another sociopath/narcissist, Brown.

He was okay as a prime minister. It was the damage he did as chancellor that was so bad. Redefining the economic cycle was a great one.