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13th June 2005, 13:11
Whats the going rate for a senior permie VB / Oracle developer ?

serious answers only please


13th June 2005, 13:24

That has a big bearing.

London - £35K ish these days.
Up North - £25K ish.

VB's old hat I'm afraid. VB6 mainstream support from MS ended in March this yr.

13th June 2005, 13:26
oop norf

VB6 may not be mainsteam but they are using it heavily here. I am considering permiedom for the first time in ten years. :rolleyes

13th June 2005, 13:31
I would add 5k to both those figures.
Should pay more now though with the advent of .net, need to pay more to keep a person away from migrating their skillset to new tech

Lucifer Box
13th June 2005, 13:32
You'll get more interest in your Oracle skills than your VB skills. Do you have hard Oracle experienc? How recent and what versions is also a factor.

13th June 2005, 13:38
Not my skill set but I'd of thought add £5K to the figures also. I know on my client site ( Up Nth ) they've attempted to recruit a few permie VB people on sub 30K salaries and not faired very well. I think the advent of C# has started to push up all the MS skills a little. I was shocked how low the permie salaries had got since the Y2K days. Had a look myself but decided I'd try harder at contracting again !

13th June 2005, 13:42
No point earning a big salary anyway. It'll all go in tax and NI. Better off being poor. The government will like you better that way.

13th June 2005, 13:52
DP you are fooking right. How low do you reckon I should go.

All I need in life is 10 pints a day and enough money to pay my speeding fines


13th June 2005, 14:06

Hope it's not that place I worked at in York. Right cowboy outfit. Couldn't get any permies even back then and so got us lot in. A lot of us were sat there bored to tears. A lot of the permies were suppose to work at home but I checked as a security audit and not one logged into the network let alone do work. (Permies effectively did a 3 day week)

One contractor (not me) started doing the coffee and doughnut round at 10am. Got back from the city by 11am and broke off for lunch at 12pm. Everybody had jobserve screen on their IE.

To cap it off, when we all had finished "doing our time" and leaving, the managers tried spinning the line that they were moving to .net and we could be one of the ones moving to it.

Like I said, if you're going to that place in York that I've worked at, think twice !
(It begins with "P")

13th June 2005, 14:23

Whatever the client is willing to pay. I've had quotes for VB/SQL server from about 120 a day (that will not even get the big left toe from underneath the Duvet :) ) to 350 a day. That's before you get to the finance clients.

13th June 2005, 14:47

its a finance co in leeds. I'm getting old (23 in july) so I need to settle down. My wife hates me staying away in hotels so she is keen for me to do it.
She says if I ever work away again she is going to have me chipped


Zathra, I'm on 300/day here

13th June 2005, 14:56
Been caught then EO? ;)

13th June 2005, 19:18