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16th June 2015, 13:23
Boy, 3, 'spends two days alone with mother's body' - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/scotland/11670542/Boy-3-spends-two-days-alone-with-mothers-body.html)

For dear old Freako, I think the above is self explanatory.


Our beautiful daughter Lydia only 28 years old and a single mum to her 3 years old son Mason, Died in her sleep of an asthma attack leaving Mason on his own to fend for himself for 2 days... You cannot begin to imagine how distraught this has made us.. The pain of losing our beautiful daughter and the pain of knowing that our beautiful grandson Mason was all alone..


A GRIEVING mum who lost her daughter to a fatal asthma attack has told of the heartbreaking moment her three-year-old grandson was found at home saying: “I can’t wake Mummy.”

Toddler Mason Martin had been alone in the house in Perth, Scotland, for two days after his mum Lydia Macdonald passed away from a chronic asthma attack.

16th June 2015, 15:28
Too sad. :cry2: