View Full Version : HMRC debt collectors turned up at someone's house

3rd August 2015, 07:38
One of our guys, who missed their APN due date, had a home visit from HMRC debt collectors. This was despite the fact that Debt Management had been told that they were being included in a JR. They've managed to get them called off for the time being.

3rd August 2015, 09:17
This really is no surprise. I had my own run in with HMRC in 2007 when I was a limited company. Two quarters of VAT had somehow vanished in the black box HMRC systems, and despite my protestations, it reached the point where they sent out the debt collectors. It was only once I was able to show my bank statements showing the money going out that they backed out. Never got an apology (or the fabled bunch of flowers!), just a terse, official letter telling me that they had paid the money into the wrong account and this had since been rectified.

Just emphasises the biggest issue all of us face and that is that HMRC are not trustworthy - personally I would have loved to have run my scheme past them for an opinion back in 2010, but already scarred I didn't feel the trust.....