View Full Version : Tommy Robinson: Police Want Me Back In Prison And Ultimately Killed

Gumbo Robot
24th August 2015, 19:33
link (http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/08/24/tommy-robinson-released-police-want-me-back-in-prison-and-ultimately-killed/)

Contentious one this & I'm not a supporter but I've been following what's been happening to Mr Robinson & it seems that the authorities really do not like him very much at all.

They seem to keep banging him up for some very minor transgressions of his conditions of bail. As they should do you might say but putting him on a wing full of muslim prisoners where there was an attempt to attack him with boiling water does seem somewhat reckless.

What do people think?

24th August 2015, 19:41
TBH, DGAF.......

24th August 2015, 20:05
He owned a tanning salon in a previous life so his job was to turn white people brown, oh the irony :winker:

25th August 2015, 08:56
Was he the 2-4-6-8-Motorway guy?

Otherwise I've no idea who he is.:confused:

25th August 2015, 09:04
What do people think?

Think? I hope so. :happy

25th August 2015, 09:13
Proof that the indiscretions of youth will come back to haunt you even if you try to pretend to be a grown up in later life