View Full Version : Anyone an example email to attract direct contracts?

13th June 2002, 14:16

Looking for some example email layouts/wording to try and capture business from local companies who need software development/support?

Anyone received or sent emails to get direct business?

Interested in any comments, ideas and examples.


Mark Snowdon
13th June 2002, 14:58
I would say that unsolicited direct email is an abomination in the eyes of the lord and the recipients. Shame on you if you are even considering it.

Anyone who sends me email which is unsolicited gets a complaint to their isp with a request to terminate their account, as UCE is generally against the T&C.

Better bet would be to make contact first by phone, send a follow up email and then add to a list to send a newsletter to. You should be able to put out a short newsletter once a month with a couple of IT and a couple of business / local stories.

Stick in bits of case studies, new technology (whatever you have just read up on!) and you can get some interest.

13th June 2002, 15:27
Why should an unsolicited phone call be any better or worse than unsolicited email?

If someone phones me it is a major inconvenience. An email can be scanned and in 30 secs I either act on it or delete it.

People always phone me when there is something good on telly, or I am having my dinner. They also drag out the conversation, without getting to the point for about 10 minutes, so that I cannot just say 'No thanks'.

Carefully targeted email campaigns get results quickly and can provide a link to relevant products and services.

Thanks for your advice, oh and can I have your phone number so that I can sell you something?

Mark Snowdon
13th June 2002, 16:02
UCE is more of a pain because of the number of them - I regularly get 30 a day - and because they are usually totally irrelevant - I dont want a US mortgage, a russian wife, a 10" penis, 10million email addresses or something that I dont understand 'cos its written in korean.

Phone contact to a business - not a home individual trying to watch the tv - is an acceptable contact mechanism.

I think a phone call is a better bet from a selling point of view because you get two way communication, emails just get deleted (unless you spam someone who complains - in which case your sending address and possibly your web site will be shut and you wont get the replies anyway), without telling you anything about the firm at the other end.

If you talk to them you will find out what they have coming up, what they do, etc,etc. You get feedback.

Look around at the sort of firms that send spam, ask yourself why you do not get spam from reputable businesses ? Because it does not work, you alienate more people than you encourage. Can you afford that in a local area ?

14th June 2002, 11:31
Mark - I totally agree with you. I am going to embark on a "cold calling" capaign next week (I have a list of 250 local businesses to start)... I reckon I will get some decent interest by calling them.

14th June 2002, 12:09

Let me know how you get on. I am doing both email and cold calling campaign, starting next week.

I am using a local telemarketing company, and they insist the email approach, followed up by phone calls works much better than just phoning.



14th June 2002, 12:24

Will do...

I would personally think that a phone call, followed by an email would be best... As in this way they know what you are about when they receive the email, so would be more likely to see what you have to say or check your web site etc...

If you email them and they delete it, then you call them, then there is a danger of them saying straight away "I am not interested".


15th June 2002, 16:27
As I am obviously one of the sad minority around here who uses a modem connection to get onto the net, I find spammers (ie unsolicited mail) increasingly annoying.

Look at the Email Preference Service before you do anything potentially illegal.

www.dmaconsumers.org/emps.html (http://www.dmaconsumers.org/emps.html)

18th June 2002, 17:28
You need to call first in order to find out who the key person(s) is/are. Tell them or their secretary that you are going to send them an email/letter (company brochure, for outside IR35, CV for inside IR35-avoid this as you will be directed to HR/PSL)THEN follow them up with another call. If they have not got anything then ask them if you can keep in touch with them. This you do by phoning/emailing them every 6 months or so.