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24th October 2015, 07:35
Hi, I'm updating my CV. Been with same client for 15 months on two 6 month and one three month 'rolling contracts'. Would you put this as one continuous assignment or split for each contract on a CV. Thanks

24th October 2015, 10:54
Was it the same role? Or were they totally unrelated, ClientCo aside?

24th October 2015, 10:58
Assuming it's all been the same underlying role, I'd put it as one, with some brief waffle about having been extended.

Unless, of course, the extensions were due to you personally causing massive time and cost overruns, in which case pretend it was supposed to be like that from the start :D

24th October 2015, 11:08
I usually list number of extensions, so 18 months (2 extensions)

24th October 2015, 11:28
If you've been anywhere for 2 years it's totally irrelevant as to whether you have had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 extensions.

Just put Client 2013-2015.

If you separate them the agent or client will mentally just piece them back together again. No-one really cares if the client has a policy of giving 3, 6 or 12 month contracts.

One could argue a low number of extensions is really good because the client is prepared tie you in for a long contract. Alternatively you can argue that a high number of extensions is good because the client wants to keep extending your contract. In the end it's irrelevant.

Sometimes if you have a whole load of 3 month contracts at different clients PM's might wonder whether you were someone who clients didn't really want to work with, i.e. requires a bit of justification depending on the type of work you do.

24th October 2015, 21:20
Actually agree with BlasterBates - the agent doesn't care and neither do most clients'.

I don't bother putting the number of renewals on my CV due to the randomness of how different clients do their renewals. Some do it in budget e.g. the project gets extended if they can argue the budget for the next deliverables, while others do it on a standard cycle.

24th October 2015, 21:30
+1 to what Blaster said