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27th October 2015, 15:11
Never dealt or heard of this guy before.

Hi NibblyPig,

Hope you are well.

I am trying to fill a role at the moment and was wondering who you know that has good python experience that may be interested in the London or Cambridge area?

I look forward to your response
Kind Regards

Aidan Cook
01276478940 | Aidanc@andyoung.co.uk

27th October 2015, 15:13
I get emails all the time from pimps I've never heard of at agencies I've never dealt with:

Hey Steve,

How's it going? You still looking for work? Got great opportunity at.....blah.

Like I've known them all my life.

27th October 2015, 15:15
Oh me too, but I've never had an e-mail like above. Usually it's "Are you interested in role ___ or do you know anyone that is?"

It amused me greatly to receive one that didn't even ask. I almost replied with Hi mate do you know any good recruiters please let me know thanks

27th October 2015, 15:25
I've got experience of Viper, Boa and Python....boomed

27th October 2015, 15:30
I replied with this

Hi mate

I know the perfect guy

https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mark-oshea/59/538/315 (http://www.dfmanagement.tv/television-presenters/mark-oshea)