View Full Version : Happy birthday George Boole

2nd November 2015, 10:10
Him of logic fame; 200 today as celebrated by the Google home page.

I'm going to put extra &&'s ||'s and !'s in my code today just for him.


2nd November 2015, 10:28
Reminds me of all the time I spend learning and coding boolean algebra minification algorithms, especially the Quine McKluskey algorithm. :sick

2nd November 2015, 12:11
Happy birthday! :yay: :banana: :cheers: :birthday: :cheers: :banana: :yay:

Or should I just say: 1 :nerd

Here's a comic about him (in black and white, naturally) by the one and only Sydney Padua: Happy 200th Birthday George Boole! | 2D Goggles (http://sydneypadua.com/2dgoggles/happy-200th-birthday-george-boole/)