View Full Version : Dim Prawn invests in the refugee crisis

4th November 2015, 14:12
London house prices: Peckham pre-fab shack auctioned for almost £1m | City A.M. (http://www.cityam.com/227996/london-house-prices-peckham-pre-fab-shack-auctioned-for-almost-1m-)

How many refugees will he get in here? :laugh

4th November 2015, 14:34
Although selling council homes is not something we would normally want to do, sometimes the costs for repairs and refurbishment to bring our older properties to a decent standard is simply too high. In these cases, we have the option to sell them when they become vacant and use the money to fund this housing investment programme.

“We are extremely pleased that once again we have managed to raise a significant amount of money from the sale of a property, that was far past its expected lifespan, to but back into creating better homes for our residents.”

thank god we didn't sell it under right to buy! It would have gone for £50.