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12th November 2015, 22:36
A mate posted a link on FB the other day to these VR google things and I was intrigued as I'd not heard of them before but having had a look and a search on eBay I thought for ~£15 I'd take a punt. They arrived today and I've got to be honest its pretty damn cool.


Essentially it's a plastic version of google cardboard, which allows you to use your smartphone to watch immersive 3d films & games

I tested it with a downloaded 3D copy of Avengers: Age of Ultron and it was very good indeed!

You can even play games using a little bluetooth controller which you can buy with it.

There's loads of demo videos on YouTube and I was honestly surprised how good and immersive it was.

Granted you look a bit of a plank sat there with it on but its definitely worth a punt if you like gadgets or if you've got kids. My 2 kids thought it was amazing and I couldn't get it off them so might be a good cheap Xmas present/stocking filler.

And before anyone asks I've ben reliably informed that yes you can get PRON films in 3D format :D

Anyone else got one or similar?

13th November 2015, 08:18
I'm waiting for the oculus vr headset in 2016. May have to upgrade my graphics card though.