View Full Version : Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo

24th November 2015, 17:13
Anyone got one? Was looking at the S6 Edge but EE have offered me one for nowt on a decent (ie cheap) tariff.

Read a few reviews and seems like an S5 but a tad better.



24th November 2015, 17:18
S5s are still great phones. We've got 3 in the household and I've got an s6 (not edge). Despite me having the s6 no one seems to want to upgrade their 5's so if the Neo is better if say you have your answer. My S6 is great but isn't massively superior to the S5. Unable to change battery and no Sim slot is a real ball ache. The few edge users I've chatted to are very happy with the phone but admit the edge facility while looking cool hasn't changed the way they use their phone in any notable way. I think that deal is most definitely worth looking at.