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16th February 2016, 17:16
Any bloody good? Spotted them today at B and the Q when looking at the petrol ones. Now have a decent size garden (bit not big enough for a ride on :frown) so wondering if any one else has gone the cordless mower route.

Ones I looked at were Bosch 410 (£399) and Ryobi(£359) so not cheap and there plenty of good petrol ones at around £200 mark.


16th February 2016, 18:18
No. Petrol all the way, Hayter.

16th February 2016, 18:24
Petrol all the way. A lot harder to upset your neighbours with an electric one.

16th February 2016, 18:25
I'll get the butler to ask the grounds keeper....

16th February 2016, 18:41
I'll get the butler to ask the grounds keeper....

Mine is a legitimate business expense, so I kept the receipt

16th February 2016, 19:04


16th February 2016, 19:12
There was a BBC program on them a week or so ago.

I will do a search on iPlayer and get back to you.

OK I found it - official linky (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06whj9p) is not available on iPlayer. However if you go to a well-known online video site and put in the search box "what to buy and why bbc" then you can see what is available. Start watching from 22:08 in the video.

Anyway a brief summary - buy the Bosch

16th February 2016, 19:45
Ive got the Bosch with two batteries. Its fantastic, light easy to move about and generally much less hassle than my petrol one.

The first cut of the year may take two batteries but after that keeping on top of it once a week it only takes one battery. We have 3 gardens, the back and side are about the size of two tennis courts, the front is a typical small front garden.

One thing, you have to push them, so no help from the motor. But its so light its not a problem.

I paid about 500 quid for my one last year.

16th February 2016, 20:12
Petrol is my view. It stops the better half trashing the electric mower by using it in the rain.

17th February 2016, 11:03
Well it would see that the (Bosch) 37 Li one has been discontinued an replaced with the the Bosch 410 Li I saw in B&Q.

Cheers all.