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17th March 2004, 15:17
Just started my own ltd company and now contracting and would like to go see a professional who specifically deals with IT contractors and knows all the in/outs involved in it, and can advice on how I should do things (I'll take my wife who has the financial head of both of us).

Being that I live in London I want to see someone local, can anyone recommend anyone they have had positive experiences with?

king contractor
17th March 2004, 17:26
Why do you particularly want one in London? They'll only be more expensive... :)

I live in Surrey and my accountant is based in the Midlands (ex-colleague recommended them). They offer an online accounting package which works very well for me and the service I get is more than adequate. If you are interested check out Business Manager at www.manager.co.uk or call Sally Reader on (01827) 708 630.

www 1staccountancy biz
17th March 2004, 17:30
KC is quite correct, we have clients all over Europe...some of which I visit, others not...it all depends on the type of service & the fee you're prepared to pay. ;)

17th March 2004, 17:40
Mainly because my wife is an accountant therefore we will do it all ourselves - however she hasn't worked as an accountant for several years and has never lived in the UK so has no idea about UK tax laws etc.

All I want is to pay someone a flat fee and sit down and get advice and pick their brains for a few hours, nothing more than that. Specifically someone who specialises in IT contractors who can explain all the in's and out's of IR35, dividends, legal requirements, legitimate business expenses etc.

18th March 2004, 11:10

I sent you an ezmail , check your inbox.

I just don't want to advertise on this board.


18th March 2004, 11:24
Could you send me the details as well please.