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25th March 2004, 12:08
I have a question that someone may be able to help answer....

Until very recently I was in contract that was to be renewed. I did a piece of work as set, but when I submitted it apparently it was "not good enough" and not what was required.... To my understanding it was exactly what was needed.

They terminated the contract straight away. I had a meeting earlier in that week where I drove there, they are using that as another reason as I should have flow, but unbeknown to the one boss I was asked to drive to collect some items from another colleges house. If I had known the work required was different I would never have driven. Unbeknown to the guy who’s house I went to I had a witness who waited around the corner for me, so I can prove he asked me to call to his house.

They are now arguing about paying until the contract termination ie 4 days more, and want me to email a total statement through detailing the above etc. I think I should take legal advice as they may refute some of my claims, but I can prove with my witness that I went to his house and I have all the items he gave me.

They basically are using me as a scapegoat as they got their knuckles rapped and obviously as a contractor I go first, but I object to the way they have done it.

Any advice on the matter greatly appreciated!!

25th March 2004, 13:33
Where you direct with client or via agency?

25th March 2004, 13:55
Via an agency, he has phoned me a few times and when speaking to me speaks to the contracting division of the company I was contracting for. the company are basically giving reasons that are not true and I can prove it ultimately.....

25th March 2004, 19:09
If you have a signed timesheet then legally the agency have to stump up. It would be illegal to withold funds but you may have to go via the small claims to get the dosh.

25th March 2004, 22:45
What if the client refuses to sign the time sheet??