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29th March 2004, 15:06

Roughly, how long should it take to close down a ltd company? I asked my accountant to close it down last September. They brought the end of year accounts etc up to date and all is paid up as regards tax, PAYE. I emailed them a few weeks ago for a progress report and got:

The main problem is that we have not heard back from the Revenue since sending in your accounts etc last September. Normally we wait for their acknowledgement before we submit the final application to have the company struck off.

I shall ask my tax manager to chase up the Revenue. Once we receive their acceptance we can submit said application.

I gave it 3 weeks and mailed again asking for an update after their tax manager had got in touch with the IR. I got a read receipt the same day but now one week later have not had a reply.


1. Does it usually take this long to close down a ltd company?

2. Are the accountants dragging their heels? If so, is there any code of conduct or 'legalese' I can mention in a bid to spur them on a bit?

I've paid the accountant the final admin fee of over £250 so feel they should be a bit more helpful. And certainly should reply to emails faster.

Thanks for any help.

roger rabbit
29th March 2004, 17:07
Not their fault. They have to get clearance that the IR will not object to the strike-off. This is not always given quickly or at all. Calm down.

30th March 2004, 08:57
I manage to strike off an ltd company that had not traded before.
That was a straightforward process.

I agree with RR that you need to inform the revenue.

Why do you not strike it of yourself?

Call companies house in Cardiff. I found them very useful.

30th March 2004, 17:50
I started the process in October last year and have been told I will have to wait until October this year due to a payment Customs need to make to me. They will only make it a year later and if I close before I lose it!!!