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24th March 2004, 12:13
2)I am currently in a contract away from home, I will make personal calls to home on my business mobile. Can these be seen as business expenses, i.e subsiitence?

2) What about other non subsitence personal calls. These calls will be on the business mbile bill which comes out of the business bank account, do I need to credit the call costs back to my business account?

24th March 2004, 15:57
I know that you used to have a Benefit in Kind of 200 pounds a year for use of a business mobile phone. This was abolished a few years ago, and as far as I'm aware you can put the whole bill through the business. This doesn't apply to 'pay as you go'.

Saying that, I haven't had a company mobile phone for a while....

27th March 2004, 12:41
It should be ok to claim them as part of your £5 PIE allowance.Think if you look at the section of booklet 480 on PIEs it specifically lists phone calls home. It doesn't say but 'spect you could stretch that to include calls on mobile that, had you been at home, you would have made more cheaply on your home phone.